Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Past Two days in Oklahoma, Prayers for these folks

Wow it started on Thursday
And it still goes on today!!
Prayers for Oklahoma residents are needed
all photos are used off of news channels in Okahoma

I was on the central Oklahoma News Facebook Page on Thrusday
Early evening when a report came on about a Large Wildfire 
burning out of control near Luther Oklahoma
Traffic was backed up from folks attempting to evacuate
My hubby immediately got on the phone to his son
The fire had started less then a half a mile from their home
They were so fortunate
As many were not, someone had started this fire 
throwing burning newspapers out of the window of their vehicle
How sad so many have lost homes!!
Then I look at the news page again and had to
check it to make sure what I was reading was correct
Our Niece and her family were on evacuation alert
They live in another Oklahoma town south of where my Mother lives 
They too are fortunate  

Then last night I look again on their facebook page and they are evacuating 
several northern Oklahoma towns!! Entire towns with walls of flames headed to them!

There are many folks who have lost every thing!!
Please pray for people in Oklahoma, and pray that we get some rain
The entire state is in a Burn Ban, the heat has been HORRIBLE!!

You see I can relate so well to these folks
If you can imagine standing in that second picture and watching a wall
of flames coming for your home, there is just no way to describe how
it makes you feel!! we were in one of the Oklahoma Wildfires 
On March the 1st 2006, I still have nightmares from it
WE had highway patrolmen telling us to evacuate
But my hubby and my son and a friend saved our home and our neighbors
home as well, It was terrifying, they threw me and our dog in our pickup, placed the truck 
on some gravel told me to cover my face with a wet towel and said I had to stay put!!
* One of the hardest things I have ever done!!*
Knowing my hubby and son were in the middle of that fire
fighting the fire with one water hose and shovels!
They had no help, there were structures on fire everywhere and a limited
source of pump trucks, and man power!!
both had been volunteer firefighters so I knew they knew what they were up against
but that still does not comfort the Fear that comes over you!

once the fire burned our entire 2 acres to the side of our home they then
parked the pickup in the burnt field and left me there!!
Well I jumped out once my son and his friend ran down the road
directly to the flames to save a neighbors home
I was terrified, for a few days we had planes dumping on fires from the air
The Oklahoma forestry division were camped out in our tiny town with heavy equipment
parked up and down the county roads!

The next day an Oil tank battery blew up just to the south of us
The ground rumbled from the force of the explosion
Panic set in all over again as smoke plumed up so close to us
*hubby reassured me that everything had already burnt so we were ok*
Hot spots burned for a couple of days in the fields all around us
Our land was burnt up to our home all around it
Yes we lived in a tiny country town
Cows and horses, mules, they were all wondering freely
as people scrambled to cut fences and free them from danger!

So on this Sunday morning please take a moment and say a prayer for 
all these folks in Oklahoma that are setting in Shelters that have lost
all they own to something that I can promise nobody ever wants to go through!


  1. Prayers are headed out to everyone there.

  2. prayers going out Brenda. Stay safe.


  3. I am praying! My sister lives in Oklahoma and has told me about fires out there. It is so sad that other people have little regard for the lives and property of others. I will be praying for peace and comfort for you as well!

  4. Saying prayers for everyone in Oklahoma that has or is being affected by these fires.

  5. I was watching the weather channel last night and couldn't believe all the wild fires that are burning right now all over the U.S.
    and all the hurricanes ~ what in the world is going on???
    Prayers and thoughts going out to all the families and their loved ones not only in Oklahoma but across the country ~ so sad to see this happening.

  6. Continuing to pray for all in Oklahoma and other areas that have been affected by fires. So much of it this year.........

  7. Praying for all those who are in need at this horrid time in their lifes. Sad to think someone could do this on purpose. xo, Susie

  8. I can't imagine someone starting this.Very scary indeed.Glad your family is OK..I'll send up a prayer.Hugs!~Amy

  9. How awful, I can't imagine. Prayers for everyone involved.

  10. Thoughts going out to all the people that are involved! I wish I could send you some of our rain!


  11. I am praying for them I have tears running down my face because we have fires like that here in Australia.
    Frighteningly terrible. My prayers are for rain and safety of the people.

  12. Thank you for your prayers & the request for others. Haven't stopped praying, myself. I live in OK close to Luther & have friends all over the state. So many years we have had these fires & I just don't get it. How can those who start them deliberately live with themselves?

  13. My prayers are with you and all the victims. We are so very dry here in Southwest Missouri as well. Think of you often, praying you stay safe.
    Hugs, Connie

  14. It has been horrible. Fires just north of us and our son~in~law and his family were fighting to save their homes. The family lost two of their homes but so thankful lives were spared. I sure hope they find the person that set them just goes beyond my thinking why anyone would do such a thing.

  15. i am so sorry you have family in harm's way from the fires there in OK... your own experiences are horrific reminders... so many people are suffering thru so many different catastrophes... prayers coming your way.

  16. Brenda!!! I would be having nightmares for the rest of my life. What heros you have:) Praying for all. -Steph-

  17. Oh my those pictures are horrific! I can't imagine going through something like that and my heart breaks for them. I am so thankful that your family members were safe.What an awful memory for you to have so thankful that your were brought through that too!

  18. I have prayed - and will continue to. I did not realize, however, that the fire was deliberately set. That just horrifies me. There has to be a special hell for someone like that. Can't imagine your personal experience. Fire and tornadoes are two of the most frightening things to me.....Hugs & Bunches of Prayers ~ Robin


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