Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tell me What you prefer? I want advice

Well it is now Tuesday June 5th
Wait I thought it was Wednesday the 6th REALLY I did??
Oh my word.........getting ahead of myself here
My poor Decor post is still sitting in draft?? Soon I will finish it Soon!
Soon I will be caught up Soon
Actually I am making great strides of progress here and on track for a change??
Better not brag that is liable to go down hill before the day is done

Gloomy: has left the building and by the way thank you to everyone for your comments and emails you are all so sweet
Thank you for your comment I am still laughing 

I have a shipment of morning glory being sent to me and 
maybe that has got me so  Happy and that is why I am sewing 
unreal amount of items up
Yep back to those stacks again, and they are getting High!

OK advice I need to know what you Prefer on dolls, etc. 
I have several in the finishing stages and just want an idea of what
everyone likes most

1. Stitched Eyes
2. Button Eyes
3. Painted Eyes

This guy has taken on a new look, he has a flag now and rusty wire 
and bells wrapped around the base, and his hat has changed as well
BUT you will have to wait to see him

Also what do you look for to buy at this time of the year?
I am getting my Americana items out late, but so many collect them!
I am working on fall and yes Christmas too
I know it is sort of hard to think about fall and Christmas 
with high temps and flowers in bloom!
It is for sure summer time here, been in the 90's and Hot *Sigh*
And I am itching to grab some water time, there best not be any gators
Cause I have waited long enough to get in the lake!
Hope your week is going great


  1. Well Miss Brenda, so good to hear you are creating again. Eyes.... I love the stitches and painted ones on dolls, however buttons are so much easier for me. I like the patches and buttons on the extreme prim babies. I love Americana but tend to look for items I can leave out much longer. I am working on fall and Christmas as my only show is in Sept. and those items are what my customers look for. I saw Morning Glory stuffing back in our Walmart over the weekend. Yah! Can't wait to see your Uncle Sam finished. Have a good afternoon.

  2. I think I would have to say stitched eyes. Sometimes it just depends on the personality they start taking on when you're making them. By the way, I love the firecrackers you made in your previous post! Have fun when you go to the lake!

  3. You do such a good job of painting...I think that would work well. Enjoy your week! sounds like you're 'in the groove' again!

  4. ummmm....my vote is stitched.....but why don't you show me one of each and then I'll tell you what I really think! ;o) As for what do I buy now??? LOL....I'm trying to be GOOD for heaven's sake and buy nothing - but you keep the temptations coming. I'm truly a "seasonal" gal - so, now I'm thinking Americana and summer....and just everyday, "year-round" stuff.....Come August, I'll be in full-blown fall mode....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I think they all have different personalities...Not much help Huh???
    I'm more seasonal..Fall..Christmas I guess buttons would be on the bottom of my list...Of course..they're easier..

  6. I like buttons on anything and everything. It is awful hot, huh? I've got the curtains pulled all day now.

  7. I like both stitched and buttons, but I'm sure whatever you choose will be awesome. Take care, Janice

  8. I like them all, it just depends on the piece. I guess when I think of what I like, it is the overall piece and if it says something to me, a personality, the details etc.


  9. With this guy, I see stitched. Definately thinking about Americana and summer items. It's hard in Florida to start thinking about fall and winter...but boy, I love anything fall:)

  10. I like stitched and buttons this time of year I look towards picking up handmade items for holiday gifts and birthdays.

  11. Hi Brenda - Sounds like you have been very busy. To answer your questions...I prefer stitched eyes..my last choice is painted. At this time of year I can't think about Fall...so I'm interested in Americana.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  12. I'm sure whatever you choose will look wonderful! Everyone has their own preference...So it's hard to please everybody..:) Laura

  13. I'm a button girl myself! Such personality. Love that you can do the same medium but have them completely dif. color, shape, or size and if you don't like the look you can just cut them off and change it out. Buttons are old fashioned and...I just love buttons :)


  14. If you saw the hot pink pants....you'd be shaking your head too! I don't care how skinny you are there is only one place, and one place only for those.....and let's just say it has a "corner" address! As for eyes.....I've been informed by my sons girlfriend that she loves the way I decorate...but my faceless dolls freak her out! Soooo.....I'm thinking, buttons, paint, or stitched would leave little Miss Taylor happy! I really don't decorate for summer. Besides a few strawberries, that's it. I think it's because I have decor for every other season...so its one of the only times I have my everyday stuff out! Welllll...that and I don't have any summer st.uff, lol! I'm so glad you are feeling better! Katie

  15. Glad your gloomies went bye bye! Well you asked so I am answering, eyes I like stitched then buttons then paint. To buy...anything cute, I am kinda going for fall already though.
    Have a great day,
    Be blessed,

  16. Sorry Brenda I'm not going to be much help. I'm leaning toward the stitched eyes ~ sometime when I put buttons on my dolls they look out of place or corny. I guess it depends on the doll. I just buy what trips my trigger ~ I'm more into it come fall.
    See told you I'm not much help!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Prim Blessings

  17. Brenda, glad you are feeling better! I like stitched eyes most of the time. Sometimes I use buttons but mostly stitched. I think anything summer would sell right now. Hope this helps, Valerie

  18. Hope your gloomy days are over:) I prefer stitched eyes. I just think they are the cuteset and all come out so differently that it really gives the doll it's personality.
    Hope you don't get eaten by a gator!!! Gosh that's so hot. Go take a dip. -Steph-

  19. I would have to say button eyes.

    I'm a fall and winter person when it comes to decorating. But I suppose most people would buy summer right now.



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