Monday, June 4, 2012

JUNE special Listed

It is Monday the 4th and I am late!!!
Late I tell you, late on everything, and feeling kind of gloomy today!

I finally got my June Specials listed on Etsy
with several Patriotic tucks to choose from
There is even a special listing to order four of your choice and get one free

and yes I am just now wrapping up some orders
I am running late ladies on the Special June Blog sale
please bear with me it will be soon I promise
See I am working 

Just a sneak peek of one item a Sam Makedo
no way near completed but I am getting there
many items on my work table

Gloomy?? Yep just can't explain why right now
But I am Ok just one of those days, I think we all have them sometimes 

Hope you day is going well and you have a wonderful week
My June giveaway is the next post down


  1. Sorry your feeling 'gloomy', Brenda! Your tucks look fantastic! The Uncle Sam is going to be adorable! I'm working on Fall now. Scarecrows are calling my name! I'll think it's over with by the time it's actually here! Feel better!

  2. Your Americana goodies and Sam make-do are great - can't wait to seem him done Brenda. Hope the gloomies were just a 24 bug! ~*~Lisa

  3. Everything is wonderful but those firecrakers are darling!

  4. Everything looks awesome...sorry you are gloomy...feel better!!

  5. Nothing like creating some wonderful pieces to brighten up a gloomy day.


  6. The June specials are great, my friend! I love these cute tucks! Hope you're feeling better soon! Sending you some warm hugs!

  7. I'm gonna start calling you Brenda the Temptress. ;o Sweet new tucks...but oh, that Uncle Sam is looking perfectly primtastic! Can't wait to see him (and some relatives) done up.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Hope your gloom passes quickly - I know those days too....)

  8. Brenda,
    As always I am in awe of what you get done! I am soo far behind in creating again! OLM

  9. Hope you're chirper in the morning! Loving your new patriotic items. So creative!

  10. Love all your Americana goodies!...thanks for sharing!!

  11. I hope the sun shines in your heart tomorrow and you will feel a different girl. Sam looks as though he has potential.

  12. Hope your day improves. Lovely pics on your post :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  13. the stress of meeting deadlines is overwhelming at times! esp 'self-inflicted'!! i'll pray for sun-shiny days ahead for you!! i love the firecrackers!! so cute!
    ^)^ linda

  14. I love Americana crafts, yours are great!

  15. Your Americana and Patriotics are great. Yes, it's inevitable that we all have our gloomy days. Hold on and it shall pass. Chin up!

  16. Well my dear..if you could see the family standing across the street right would NOT be gloomy. This woman is wearing the brightest pink pants I have ever seen in my entire life! And....her three screaming children (ok THEY are a bit scarey, but not gloomy!). Are dressed just as brightly! OMG....I swear she just called him with a name like Woolfin....and a Mama in hot pink pants....Dear Brenda you can't be gloomy any more!

  17. Hope you are having a better day Brenda! I think my gloomies are from the weather. It's been cold and damp here for almost a week....I need those summer temps back!

  18. Your patriotic offerings are so neat. Where do you come up with these beautiful and wonderful patterns? You are so very talented. I just love looking:) We all have times of gloomy. I am sorry today is one of those days. Hopefully things will brighten up soon. -Steph-

  19. Aaahhhh, don't me gloomy - did you know you have friends you've never met before (like me) wishing you every good thing: like chocolate, and pretty flowers, and children laughing, and pasta mmmm yea pasta makes everything better. And as for being late, I believe that is a four-letter word like time, and busy, and work. Oh I do hope you will pardon me for using such language:) I adore what you do - and just know for every gloomy feeling you have there are at least a dozen people wishing you happiness.
    Have a beautiful day.


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