Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer! And Snail Mail Makes you HAPPY

Good Morning on this first Day of Summer

Let the Heat begin...........actually it already has been in the 90's here
with mornings in the 70's and it has been windy!! So no boatin *sigh*

This post is going to be all over the reason
I have attempted to get new items listed, really I have
But with orders I have been too busy *Smile*

Yes most that are signed up for my sale
or that are taking advantage of the discount for being a fan On FB
are ordering from my sold items or my albums on Facebook!
~Now time for a jump in subject~
And for those interested in Wholesale, some are saying my email
link does not work?? Oh my I will have to get that taken care of 
yes it is that time to start thinking about those
fall and winter wholesale orders, I already have a few I am working on
so you too can go to my Facebook page or my Etsy shop
and check out photos *be sure to check on sold items on etsy too*
And email me at brustythimble (at)
Be sure to include wholesale info in the subject line

I will be reopening my wholesale blog by invitation only
in about 4 weeks!!
The FOOT!!!
so many have emailed asking me about my foot
Well it is there!!! attached to the ankle that is attached to the leg....
you get the picture!
The knot is still there and still giving me fits
I Have to watch how long I am on it so that I can control
how badly it will hurt *SIGH* nobody likes Pain!
I am see it is summer time
I do not want to be laid up and wearing one of those
Stylish funky ugly boots during the summer time!
Jumping to snail mail now
Look what I got in the mail, don't you just love snail mail!!!

Isn't she sweet? I have always wanted one of Carol's Mousers
Buttermilk Creek Farm, now isn't that a sweet name for a business!!

Okay so no I did not buy an actual Mouse,
I will someday Carol
 Instead Carol sent me this adorable CARD
As a thank you for her winning one of my pillow Tucks
How sweet Carol thank you for lifting my spirits so much

This card hangs by my computer and this little gal smiles at me everyday!
I am also a PinPal with Diane of Lavender Dreams
and I get some of the sweetest cards from her
someday I am going to make me an inspiration board
And attach all of them, I may use an old wooden window!
*See I am all over the place, yes my creative mind is in GEAR*

Yep another JUMP

I experienced one of the worst vertigo episodes ever on Sunday *BLAH*
I have decided that I know Stress does bring this mess on!!!

I had things so strewn out all over my Kitchen and Living Room
That I could not function or work well
So Monday I awoke and tore my world apart
No photo opts here!!! Sorry Cause, yes you guessed it right
My Kitchen was clean and organized I could actually see part of my table
And now well now it is all a muss again GOSH *Darn* it!!

Ok I will share this fuzzy photo, I am in MaKe Do Heaven LOL
Yes I have many new bobbins and goodies for makedo's
*in the background on the right you can see*
my life is already turned upside down again
Oh someday I will have this all in a place where it is easier to function!
But we are not going to get into one of my *Someday's* moods
Too much to accomplish today
so best get my back end in Gear or Wait a Minute
better find my front end and get to moving because my Back End has
already passed me up!!!!!! yep doing the regular daily chores
Dish washer going, laundry in, bed made, sewing to do, painting,
boxes to finish up for tomorrow 
WHEW...........and that is all already done this morning!!!!
I will.......I will get a lot done today and it feels so good!

sorry for the all over the place Post
Hope you all have a productive Happy Day



  1. Looks like your day has started off in the "norm" right? Happy for you that you've been so busy Brenda! I'm really trying to get a balance back in my day. Once I leave in mid morning I'm doomed for the day. MIL still needs daily assistance and I'm the gal to do it. Just grateful she's doing so much better. I'm hoping to start on some Halloween and Fall least I've started making and gathering supplies to do so!!!!
    My computer has been giving me fits lately. Sometimes I can respond and sometimes not. I tried the day you showed pics of that beautiful grand baby! Congrats to your family!

  2. That little mouse card is adorable. It's suppose to be very hot here today...95! Tomorrow is suppose to hit 100. I'll be staying indoors from the afternoon on with the AC going full blast. I am slowly starting to make things for the fall shows I have....I'd better get moving as the first one is in only 8 weeks...yikes! Hope you have a productive day.


  3. Hi Brenda, I hope your foot is healing, and wow, you are very productive this week. It is fun to get cards in the mail, I agree.

  4. The mouse is super cute and so is your flag display. It's ok to have a messy house once in a while, it's a sign of creativity :)

  5. Your life is crazy Brenda...but crazy good! I know you thrive on creating and staying busy! I need to go look at more of your photos but I've been in a Spring cleaning mood, too and tore my sewing area apart! And then got an order! lol But I love it! And what a sweet card from our buddy Carol! We both need one of her mices! heehee! Enjoy your day! And be good!

  6. Brenda..I can't remember all the things you wrote about but..I hope your foot is soon better and that Mouse is just so adorable..I know what you mean about snail mail..I was lucky enough to get an adorable pillow from Patty (Lemon Lane Cottage) made my day!!

  7. Hello Brenda, cute mouse card,love the display on the counter looks great. Hope your foot is feeling o.k. Blessings Francine.

  8. Hi Brenda

    That mouse is so cute! I hope you can find some balance soon. Vertigo, yuck!


  9. Busy busy gal you are! Please don't stress yourself out, I don't like reading about vertigo episodes. Hope you can get out on the boat soon. Glad you are getting lots of orders, no wonder you do such great work!
    Be blessed!

  10. I think you need a day to have fun and relax;)
    It was hot as heck today, but being on the water in the kayak was perfect, a lot cooler and a nice breeze.


  11. I always feel more creative when I have STUFF!!!! around. Love your mousy card, and I certainly hope your foot improves.

  12. Oh Brenda, if you can, you should get your foot taken care of. You could still do most things with a bandage on it. Just waterproof it :) Just concerned for your well being, mentally and physically my friend. Then think of all the pain free days afterwards :)

  13. If you ever find some of that "balance" stuff, will you ship a bit this way? I don't know 'bout you, but I'm going with Christina's comment....and I must be as creative as the dickens!!! Take care of the bobbins and flags - even just as they are! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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