Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beautiful Morning

Good Saturday Morning
This Post may appear to some as a blast from the past
But with  my Facebookcoupon offer, 
and My special sale for those signed up by Email
I am having folks order things I have made and sold

These Roosters are so fun their tails are ripped pieces 
of fabric and so full. I do not have the back fabric that is on 
his wing with the red and blue stripe so I am subbing another

And this Guy is great this one was for Easter a couple of years ago
But I have an order for one in Americana with the boy mouse 
dressed like uncle Sam and holding a flag, This piece is on an old rusty funnel
The rabbit is a R&K creations pattern the mice are from a Soft in the Head Pattern

Another order for one of these 
again subbing the fabric on the star
Made from a Kentucky Prims pattern

And I just finished and boxed up one of these Sams
And this guy is a Vintage Polka Dot pattern
I made him with permission from Brenda

Yep I am burning the midnight oil these days and loving it
So in between going out on the boat, visiting with 
Family and other things, my weekend is full
Spent my morning doing my READING online!!!!!! 

To find items I have sold you can Go to my personal Facebook page
And look at my photos, or most are on my Rusty Thimble Page 
that is the first link shared in this post
Or you could go to my sold items on Etsy if Etsy was not down
for updates this morning???

Hope you enjoy your Weekend


  1. Busy,busy...I couldn't keep up...

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Please make me an american prim apron pocket when you have time. I emailed you the other day and forgot to tell you that I would like one with the 10% off.

  3. Good Lord have you ever been creative. LOVE everything. Happy FDay to Mr. Rusty Thimble.

  4. You make such cute things, Brenda!

  5. You have been busy! It nice to hear that you have taken time to go out on the boat. I just love the rooster!

  6. I love all your projects. But where do you find the time? So busy! But I can sense that you really really like what you do!!


  7. At least you are happy buring the midnight oil:) Your creations are just great as usual. That Sam though....he's one for the record books. I love him. His eyes are something else!!! Good job. -Steph-


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