Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still sewing among other things

Good Morning

I have not taken time to comment on many blogs lately 
But I am reading. Thinking about those in Florida
Vicky.....Diane.......are you water logged? Hope all is okay 
with you both

For those that have signed up for my sale I sent an email out
and will be sending you one on Friday with updated info

I am working

I promise I am BUT!!!!

We did escape on Sunday and go out in the Boat!

Does she appear to be wind blown
Shelby seems to be fearless and rides on the bow of the boat
if we tell her to get down she goes to the back and gets on top LOL
When you stop the boat she wants to jump in the water and go for a 
swim? Rango on the other hand did not want in the water what so ever!!

Bad picture of Rango she just blends in and never stops
moving around, she was real excited over the birds
and every other boat on the lake!!

I have to get busy hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Brenda~

    Love your Uncle Sam make do's!! Glad you took some time out to enjoy yourself.


  2. Love your Sammy creations and your boat trip with the doggies looks like a wonderful time!

  3. Hey Brenda glad you got to go out on the boat. Rango and Shelby are so cute. Love the pic of Shelby looks like she is enjoying herself.
    Hope your sale is a hit!


  4. We haven't gotten too much rain...it's been very beneficial after being in drought conditions! Everything is so pretty and green and the showers have come and gone in a matter of minutes! I'm glad you're getting out on that beautiful lake! Looks like fun!

  5. Wonderful creations Brenda!!!
    Glad to hear you've been enjoying the good life too!
    Sometimes we need to do that!
    Hope you have a wonderful creative day!!!
    Prim Blessings

  6. I just don't know how you keep up with everything...family and your beautiful sewing. Good for you..... enjoy the day....you need to take time to smell the roses!

    hugs and smiles!

  7. Love your creations! Looks like a fun time on the boat!

  8. Love the sam on the beeskep bobbin.Rango will get used to the water once she's out a few times.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Wonderful new pieces and so nice to get out on the water and the pups seem to love it too.


  10. Far from being water-logged, Brenda! We sure could use a WHOLE lot more!
    Your Uncle Sam Make-Dos are super cute!! Love that Shelby is happy on the water. My little pup was always scared to death!

  11. Brenda~ what a wonderful way to spend a day~ always enjoy photo's of Shelby & Rango~

  12. Love all your new creations beautiful as always! Glad you were able to take some "you " time ! Have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie

  13. We need a balance in life and it does the soul good to take a break.

  14. Shelby and Rango are so cute! I wonder if they make little doggie life jackets?

  15. I haven't been on a boat since childhood. Sounds like fun.

  16. OOOOOoooo....Love your new Sam's Brenda...And such sweet puppy pics....I'd be worrying nonstop that Shelby would go pup overboard!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Glad you got to escape. Taking the boat out is so much fun. The girls asked if we could take the cat out on ours. Ha ha. Can you imagine?

  18. Love your creations...glad you took some time off to relax..Variety is the spice???

  19. Your pups are so cute! What a great day on the lake...I can't get over the size of those geese...we don't get them this far south...they are HUGE! Love the Uncle Sams...cute as always!!

  20. Awww nothing better than being on the water. Love your Sam's!
    Be blessed!

  21. Love the Sams! It's always fun to see Shelby and Rango!

  22. Love the kids on the boat! I'd be terrified of Shelby falling in! Lucy loves the water too. I can't start a bath or shower without her running to the tub and hopping in! My bathroom is so small...and I'm a bit clausterphobic,(no clue how to spell that!) so there is NO way I can shut the door, or I'd be crawling the walls, lol!!!


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