Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

Good Morning wow June 14th already!!
Happy Flag Day
I Awoke to no internet and a down pour of rain, it has stopped
so I assume it will be a Hot and Muggy day today?

Still a WIP!!! This large flag will be rough sanded and attached to 
a 32 inch Uncle Sam, Yep I am late for the Season LOL

But gee this guy is a lot of work his clothing is made out of muslin
and all hand painted, yes stripped pants and all, EEEK
What was I thinking? I did not realize how much I missed doing
my own original designs until I did my two Uncle Sam Make Do's

I recently found a box of old Patterns with many of mine in it!!
Yes I used to do some sweet Annie's all my own style
may have to whip a couple of those up soon.

I did list the two Sam make Do's on Etsy this morning, 
limited amount because of the bases I used.
I have LOTS of spools coming, not sure of the style compared to 
the ones I used but I can substitute 

Okay back to work for me I have many pictures to take and items to 
put finishing touches on, busy day planned
Hope your's is a great one


  1. Love the flag Brenda even undone. Hope you show it when done.


  2. Flag looks great already..Stay cool...

  3. hi, Brenda~ Flag is looking great!!!
    enjoy Flag Day~

  4. Hello!
    Can't wait to see your Uncle Sam!!!!
    You must be sewing up a "storm" Brenda.

  5. I'm loving seeing what's new in your Etsy shop! You've been busy! We're getting a little shower right now that has cooled things off! Feels nice! Enjoy your afternoon!

  6. Hi Brenda, Happy Flag Day, love prim Uncle Sam and the big flag. Blesssings Francine.

  7. She is a grand old flag!
    Happy Flag Day to you!

  8. Wow, he's gonna be a big one. He'll be another of your masterpieces:)

  9. Happy Flag Day to you too!
    Can't wait to see your WIP finish!!!
    Happy Creating!
    Prim Blessings

  10. OMGosh. I just painted a tiny thing with red and white stripes on it and it was a pain in the but. I can't imagine doing a pair of pants for a 32 inch Sammy!! You go!! Your flad looks great so far. Looks like you have no problems getting your lines straight:) He is going to be awesome. Good luck and good job.-Steph-


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