Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Toaster Cover From Firecracker Kid and more tucks

Good Morning or afternoon depending on where you are?

I got a package yesterday from Carol and Timmy of The Firecracker Kid
Carol and I had done a swap for one of her Noodle Boards
and a Toaster Cover

I love it Carol thank you so much, you and Timmy both!

I did not take the chance to do a good photo opt
I will be rearranging and doing some much needed
cleaning to my poor neglected little house this weekend!

I did list some more tucks In my Etsy Shop

I believe this will be all I will list for the month of May
There are several to choose from
These are on special this month for $5.00 each
I love making them.

And yes I will share I have four blooms but as you can see
they are showing signs of fading fast. There is a fifth one fixing to bloom
and even a sixth one! I have never had this many blooms at once on a lily plant

The new plants are popping up around it so maybe I will have more 
lilies before the season is over!

Ok back to sewing I have things such a mess?
How is it that one can make such a mess while creating *sigh*
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Love your toaster cover! I am not surprised though, I love all of Carol and Tim's goodies!! Your lily is so pretty. That's one of my favorite flowers :)

  2. I know it is possible to create quite a mess, believe me, 'cause I have. Your messes are nice and fluffy with fabrics and such, but mine are harsh and hard with wood chips and paints and such... aaargh. LOL.
    We've all gotten a lot of enjoyment out of your lilies this week. They are beautiful.
    I'm lovin' those pillow tucks! I'm so happy you like your toaster cover. It sure looks good with your other prims there.

  3. Love your toaster cover from your swap with Carol. I have one of their rolling pin shelves. They make some awesome pieces!!
    Your lily is so pretty and full...and I'm loving all the pillow tucks that you been making.

  4. Love your beautiful toaster cover, yes, Carol and her hubby do awesome work!!! Love your little tucks too! Have a great eve. Hugs, Lecia

  5. What a great toater cover! I love all your shop items...I too...make a mess creating...I just finished cleaning up the last mess...only to start a new mess today!!

  6. That flower is just blooming it's heart out this Spring! I love your tucks...I'm so glad I got some!

  7. hi, Brenda Beautiful blooms~ love the cover from firecracker & your pillows~
    have a wonderful evening~

  8. Your cover looks wonderful in your home and love the new tucks you have been making.


  9. Oh how I love that toaster cover.
    So cool. Love Carol and her hubby's things.

  10. "Not many really creative people-in the process of creating-keep everything neat, picked up, and in its place." Charles Swindoll/Stress Fractures
    TGIF Brenda ~*~Lisa

  11. I just love your new toaster cover! The panny rug is cute too! Have a great weekend, Janice

  12. I just love those little pillows, I must have one or two! Happy Mothers Day! Hugs, Lynn

  13. Love that toaster, to figure out where I could create a space for one....Your lily is gorgeous....they're one of my favorites, but never do well here - perhaps a year or so, then a harsh winter takes them down.....And you had to go tempting me with more lil' pillow tucks, huh??? Too stinkin' cute!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. I just love THAT! Carol made me a rolling pin holder,it will be in my dining room at the Cape! I love Carol and her hubs work!


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