Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny has finally arrived

WOW everything at my house seems to be arriving late 
these days. It has been a week since my last post, totally not like me
I am behind on orders
so if you have an order placed with me thank you for your
patience, I have been a bit overwhelmed lately!!
Will explain after I share what the Postal Carrier just brought me

The members of the PAFA Etsy team had an Easter Swap
Well my partner was Kim of The Barn Hollow

So Kim sent me a box, and this past weekend when we checked 
the mail, the box that was in there was a small box from an eye clinic
Addressed to someone else to another address
I pouted, did not know where my box was
and I hoped that who ever got it would make sure it would
be sent back to me!

So I had to wait, yesterday I gave the mail carrier the glasses box so 
she could send it on to the proper owner but she had not yet gone 
after my box. So today when she came to pick up boxes I was shipping out
She came carrying a BOX!!!! YES I was so happy!!

I Needed this pick me up I have not gotten a package in 
the mail in forever!

but This one made up for that and More!
I love the Rusty Wire Basket Kim
And all the many goodies you sent

How appropriate for my home a Fishing Rabbit
A Notepad to hang on my fridge
A candle, a Sweet Spring Towel & Candy 

And oh my gosh this little Rabbit it is so PERFECT
Kim you do wonderful Work I love everything so much
Thank you for making my day Brighter {{HUGS to you}}
Be sure and visit Kim Here
And you can see what I sent her

Now for where I have been
I went to the doctor last week!!
For many many years I have had a knot
on my foot in the center of my arch
* I hurt it as a kid* well I have actually had several
foot injuries since then
for 3 long years my foot has been bothering me
I thought it was possibly arthritis 
Which it may still be. It swells up and HURTS
most of the time. The pain is on the outside of my ankle
So we are not sure that the issue I am fixing to describe 
to you is the cause of my swelling or pain

But the Knot has moved to the ball of my foot and 
Gotten larger and yes it is painful
They took Ex-rays but the knot is on the tendon
And the ex-rays do not show if it is attached to 
the tendon, so I have to go have a cat scan done 
so they can see what it is going to involve to remove
this knot?? OH well.......either way it involves cutting
And I prefer to be at home simply cutting on my own
creations THANK you very much LOL
I hope to get in next week and have a scan done and will
update you then

I finished my Chicken it is a design by
I have several traced to do in sweet
Whimsical Fabric combinations

And I am making more Burlap Sheep

The Rusty Thimble is now Offering Layaway
So if you are interested in placing any orders and
putting them on Layaway simply contact me for the details

Hope you had a Wonderful Easter
I will try to blog more often this week
But I have got to catch up on some things around here,
sorry I have not had time to visit and comment on blogs 
It appears I may have more time to do that then I need
in the near future?? Guess I can have Hubby plop me at my
computer screen when he leaves for work if I am laid up
and can't walk?

Have a GREAT Day


  1. Glad you got your box and what wonderful goodies that Kim created for you!

    I must have missed info about the PAFA swap???? ;-(
    Unless it was a private one.
    Hope you have a wonderful day Brenda! All those goodies would put a smile on my face.

  2. YAH!!! I am SOOO glad it finally got into the appropriate hands. I hope you gave that mail carrier a swift kick, LOL.
    I love Ivy's creations, they are just so fun. She said the instructions are in Italian, did you have any problems?
    Good luck with the surgery if you have it, you will be non-weight bearing for a few weeks, so prepare for some major sit down time with your foot elevated.
    Warm Wishes,

  3. LOVE the goodies, Brenda!! Ivy has GREAT patterns but I've been a bit hesitant to buy since most are in Italian. Obviously an ol' country girl like you figured it out just fine! I LOVE the fabrics you used!
    Hope good things come from the doc's visits.

  4. It's not your foot pedal foot, is it Brenda? Hope that works out for you. How are those studio plans coming? That's a great goodie box - enjoy ~*~Lisa

  5. Glad you got your Easter basket even if it was a little late. What a fun basket of goodies!

    Goodness girl, hope they figure out what it is and get it taken care of soon so you can concentrate on creating and crafting! Just be careful and take it easy. I hope you have a delightful week~

  6. Hi

    I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. But there will always be blogs to read when you can't walk for a while. ;-)

    Take care!

  7. Brenda, Love your goodies! They were worth waiting for!LOL Also love your sheep, Valerie

  8. What wonderful goodies and your new pieces are so fun, need to get back into making stuffed animals again. I hope your foot is not something that requires major surgery, but I know as long as you can sit up, you will be crafting;)


  9. Love your swap goodies. Sorry to hear about your problems and hope it doesn't require surgery. I just adore that chicken!

  10. YAYYYYY!! :) Glad that you finally got your box. And that is was worth the wait.

    What neat things she sent you!

    I have had surgery on one foot. I hope that you get your foot trouble taken care of easily and that you won't be laid up too long. :)

    Have a good evening. Take care, Janet W...

  11. Brenda

    That is a fun box!!!! I so hope all works out good for your foot... foot problems suck don't they... ugh... OLM

  12. I am so happy you finally got your box! I would be in such a silly fret. What lovely swap items. How awful anxious it is to wait for answers. Hope the xrays come out ok.

  13. Oooh, yippee, burlap stuff! Oh no, foot problems. Wishes for a quick repair and recovery. Love your chicken and love your burlap sheep I have displayed in my home ;o) Feel better soon sweetie.

  14. Wow Brenda,
    Kim, the bunny, was extra good to you!! Love all the goodies.
    Hoping you can get your foot fixed with minimal cost and time!
    Enjoy your day,

  15. I am so glad your goodies finally showed up! I hope you are able to get your foot taken care of with minimal discomfort!!

  16. Dear Brenda:
    I hope you get that knot on the bottom of your foot taken care of. I know how you hate going to the hospital but it sounds pretty painful, girl!
    What a cute swap. The bunnies sure are sweet. I'm in love with your chicken and sheep, the numbers are cracking me up. Can you hear me laughing?

  17. What a fun basket of goodies from Kim! Those little bunnies of hers are adorable, aren't they? And love your sheep....Mine that I bought from you tends to "roam" a bit - I never know where I'm going to find him next. Hope you don't procrastinate too long with that foot issue - I know I would be too, but doesn't sound like it's going to go away or get better by itself, and there' never a "good" or "convenient" time for such things....Wishing you the best....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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