Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Weather!

Hello, I suppose it appears I have fallen off the face
of the earth! Very unlike me not to blog more often

Just working and doing a lot of thinking lately

Waiting for my Sweet Potato Vines to get fuller
and for Hubby to fix a corner so I can plant 
some other items

Thankful for life and blessings
This is my son and DIL
They live in Woodward, Okla.
They called just minutes before the tornado 
hit when the phone rang after Midnight my heart just sank
After the storm they walked out their door to
see destruction everywhere!
I Praise the Lord for their safety
And saying prayers for families that lost 
loved ones, such a tragedy

I promise I will get back to blogging 
more often, just taking a little time off


  1. Hello my friend,
    I was just getting ready to message you and pick your brain! Yep, I need help again ;-)
    I'm so glad that your kids are safe too, and praying for all those who lost loved ones.

    Sometimes taking a break is a good thing ;-)

  2. We all need time to step back once in awhile and take a few deep breaths. You were missed tho! Glad your kids were safe during the horrible storms that passed thru their area. Seems like we are seeing more and more terrible weather this past year.
    I'll sit back and be patient while you get a chance to regroup.


  3. I'm glad they are OK, Brenda! I haven't been a very good blogger lately with a lot going on. We do what we need to do. You're still me best penpal buddy! Hugs!

  4. Thank God they are safe. This weather is so frightening and the way it is going, none of us can feel immune to it. Prayers to EVERYONE affected by ALL the storms this year.--Jan

  5. Glad everything is ok. Take the time you need to renew yourself. Thanking God your family survived the tornado. Have a great week.
    Be blessed!

  6. Glad your family is Ok.We all get busy with life and need some time away from the computer.Hugs!~Amy

  7. so glad your family is safe.

  8. Brenda so glad your family are safe..missed your posts..Hugs X

  9. Thank the Lord your kids made it through safe. It's good to hear you're taking some "me" time.

  10. Oh Brenda - I'm so glad that your son and DIL are devastating for all those people affected by these storms.

  11. so glad you and family survived. Horrible night all around.

  12. Brenda~ Oh, thank the Lord they are fine~ sending prayers for there area~

  13. Enjoy your time off in the beautiful weather! I am sure you could use the break, don't worry about anything will all be here for you when you are ready. So thankful your son and DIL are okay!

  14. Glad your family is okay Brenda. Been seeing the pictures on the news and it is heart-wrenching. I love sweet potato vines and yours are beautiful. We are still getting little bits of snow every few days, so I have to wait for the plants. I think bloggers naturally scale back in spring & summer ~*~Lisa

  15. Glad that your kids are safe. So blessed they were spared. Sometimes we all need a little time off:)

  16. Hi, Brenda:
    I'm so thankful that your family is safe. I hope their home is alright.
    You rest and take it easy.
    You have been too busy lately.

  17. So glad your family is safe. There are more devastating storms these years now it seems. Take care, Janice

  18. Girl, you're a workaholic so you need to take some time off every once in awhile! Your sweet potato vines are beautiful! I haven't even bought mine yet for this year. God is good! Thankful for His protection over your family during the tornadoes!

    Enjoy this time away Brenda, soak up every minute of it~

  19. Thank heaven your family members are safe! Sending prayers for all those effected by this tragedy...

    Darlene xxoo

  20. Hi Brenda,
    I am playing catch up and as we have discussed before I will take an earthquake over a tornado.
    So happy to hear your family is safe!
    Take care of your foot or "hoof" as my kids would call it!
    Enjoy your day,

  21. I was thinking about you today and missing you so I thought I would drop by and say hello! I'm taking a little break from sewing. I hope you blog about what you've been up to soon! Sweet hugs to my penpal friend!

  22. Well, it's settled now - I'm more behinder than you. ;o) So glad to read that you son and daughter-in-law made it through the storm safely. I hate, hate, hate, tornadoes......! Hugs ~ Robin


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