Friday, March 30, 2012

They are everywhere!

In My Yard in the Thicket across the road

Bunny Rabbits
They are at our local Feedstores and Farm Supply stores

They are Multiplying 
On Every counter I have

On my Ironing Board

Hanging out with a Bird and Sheep
*other WIP'S*

With a New Hen I am making

In my recent collages I have put together 

HURRY tomorrow is the last day 
for a chance to win this software

AND you could WIN this one

I LOVE Rabbits!! They are furry soft and 
Funny little critters, I use to have one named
Charlie Brown that looked like this one
Well it was my youngest son's pet
Have you ever had a rabbit

Have a Wonderful Weekend
As you can see I have Lots of Rabbits
to keep me company!! Or BUSY


  1. Hi, Brenda:
    Bunnies, bunnies, we love bunnies.
    I've only seen one wild bunny since I've lived around here. I wish there were more.
    Your bunnies will have to keep me company instead.

  2. I love rabbits too!
    Happy Easter

  3. so many lovely bunnies!! They do multiply quickly!!!Beautiful!

  4. I've got bunnies hopping and chicks peeping all over my house, too! It sure makes me happy! I love your sweet bun buns!

  5. I have been leaving out veggie scraps and the bunnies come at night to eat it. I never got a chance to make any bunnies this year and Easter is just around the corner, time needs to slow down, lol. I can't wait to see how your chicken comes out.


  6. I have to say I'm a bunny lover too, although I haven't seen any in our new location since we moved. Your bunnies are cute and I can't wait to see how your bird and hen turn out :)

  7. Oh....I LOVE me my bunnies....(Well, I get a little perturbed when they eat my flowers and herbs, but.....) The last bunnies I had were a little nest left on our lawn - don't know what happened to mamma (thinking coyotes) - so I took them to my mom's and she raised them up and released them....Something about those furry little bundles.... Hope all is well in your world....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Holy Rabbits ~ look at all those wonderful rabbits and other goodies you created!!! Wonderful!!!
    We used to have a rabbit named Fuzzy Buster!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  9. I love your bunnies! I had a bunny when I was little but then it bit my little brother so my Grandpa took it and he and that bunny were bestest friends, they would even nap together. Good memories! He was all white with one black eye and about the size of a small dog after Grandpa got him! He was spoiled rotten!
    Have a great weekend!
    Be blessed!

  10. Bunny...Bunnies...everywhere!! Love them!!

  11. Hippity Hop a wonderful weekend!~Amy

  12. I love bunnies too Brenda! That's how I started sewing - those floppy ear muslin bunnies that were so popular in the '80's. Love seeing your WIP's. Have a fun weekend ~*~Lisa

  13. What fun. It's such a neat time of year. My kids would love to have a real rabbit. -Steph-

  14. Love all of the bunnies. We had bunches of the little critters in our yard in Wisconsin but none here other than of the fabric and paper mache kind all over the house. When I was in my teens I won a bunny in an Easter raffle.

  15. Lots and lots of wonderful bunnies you have created Brenda!Loving the new hen you are working on too.Yes I love bunnies ,I had 35 now I am down to only three.Have a great weekend,Jen

  16. Brenda,

    We had a bunny that looked just like yours...her name was Oreo! We also had a floppy eared bunny named Brownie! Both were very sweet, though Brownie acted more like a dog at times...following me around and wanting up on my lap! lol Bunnies are great! They sure can be stinky though! Ha! Ha!


  17. Brenda,

    By the way, my tabby cat, Tiger, seems to love bunnies, too, if you know what I mean! Boo! : ( It is nature of the cat though.

    Hugs again,

  18. Adorable bunnies Brenda! We owned a Thumper for awhile, he was a pretty rabbit. But I was so glad to finally give him a good home. That could be because every single time we let him roam around the house, he enjoyed destroying my crafting area. He chewed on wires, peed on my things, and when we would try to catch him, he would scratch everything up. That was the only place he didn't like, lol. Thumper was just a pretty soft gray color. I really like the colors that your Charlie Brown was, pretty!

  19. Oh those are the cutest bunnies ever! I love them all, real or fake. lol. Your one busy bunny maker. Have a great weekend.

  20. Funny how those sweet little bunnies multiply so rapidly and we never can have enough! I made several last year and gave away and this year I've not finished all I had planned.
    The "resident" rabbit has been bringing his family into the yard to feast on the patches of nice green grass we have. Hubs had to build a frame and put wire mesh on it to put over the garden area, a few years back so WE could have vegies! They are so fun to watch but can be pests too.
    LOVE that new hen you are making!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.
    hugz and blessings,


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