Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PAFA Merchant Circle *MONDAY?*

Good Morning Peeps its' not Monday??
In fact I just had to check to see if it was Wednesday!!

OH MY, not from lack of rest, I actually hit the bed at normal time 
last night and slept a bit late! So now my excuse is too much rest!
Nope I simply missed posting yesterday
Missed cleaning house *I need to hire me a maid...Smiles*

So for my Monday post this week I want to introduce to you
A member of the PAFA team

Kim of  The Barn Hollow

Kim has a Love of Old Barns and the History they hold
so she named her business The Barn Hollow

*I want that Pig!!* 

If you see a Lady making a trip towards Tennessee 
with a sketch book in hand that may be Kim
They make trips to see their Grandchildren
And Kim sketches ideas whiling Traveling
*They will be making that trip in a couple of 
weeks to welcome a New grandchild into the world*

Kim uses mostly fabric, but she also works with clay, 
altered art and even some wood
in creating her Primitives and folk art pieces

Be sure and visit Kim 's Blog
she is giving away one of the rabbits pictured below
But hurry you only have until the 31st of March to sign up

I will soon be getting a package from Kim
We are partners in the PAFA Easter Swap
I will be sure to share when it arrives

Ok a simple reminder the 31st is also the last day to 
sign up for my giveaways

Yesterday I got an email from My Memories
Offering free items to make bookmarks

and check them out, I am loving this

when downloaded there are so many options and wonderful
ways to embellish photos
Like the little Buttons and background on this
The templates are great yes you just inset your photos
and you can move them around to get them placed where
you want them at, you insert a background and there are 
so many to choose from, as well as little items to embellish
your picture. You add your text and can move it where ever
you want to place it at, the Fonts are Sweet!

for a chance to win the software from my blog

I have many items to get finished today
I have to drink more coffee and get to work
It is quiet in Blog Land right now
suppose it is Spring I know my deck swing
is calling my name and the sweet birds are singing
their morning tunes so it is hard to stay inside!
Have a Beautiful Day


  1. Kim's items are so adorable! If I'm ever traveling in Tennessee, I'll have to keep my eye out for her and her sketch book!

  2. Great feature on a very talented lady!

  3. I have one of her bunnies on my wish list right now! I love everything she makes. Hope you have a good day, Brenda! Wish we were closer and we could have a 'goof off' day together. I need a break and I know you do, too! HUGS!

  4. Great feature on Kim, Brenda! I just love Kim's creations.

  5. I love Kim's style! Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

  6. I LOVE everything Kim makes. Loved how you featured her. ALSO the My Memories offer was a great new resource for me. You're so right the fonts ARE sweet.
    Thanks Brenda!

  7. Great feature on Kim! She is one talented lady.Hugs,Jen

  8. Great feature on Kim, Brenda! She is a very talented artist. I love that bunny, Valerie

  9. Wonderful to get to know Kim better!
    Love her creations!
    Thanks for sharing Brenda,

  10. Kim sure does do beautiful work ~ that pig is adorable!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    To cold here to sit outside ~ enjoy your beautiful weather!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Ahh, love Kim's soft sculptures.
    I'm glad to hear you were able to get some rest. Thanks for sharing with us even if you're late. Better late than never, even better after you're rested :o)

  12. This week has been a bugger, hasn't it? I couldn't tell a Monday from a Thursday if I were paid - and today I'm thinking is Saturday. Yikes.... Loved the feature on Kim - I'm kinda addicted to her little batting bunnies. ;o) She's a sweetheart - for sure and for certain. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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