Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Things that bring Joy into your day

Hello on This First Saturday of February

Today is Hubbies Saturday to work half a day, so I begin my morning 
drinking my coffee, answering emails and
browsing around on the internet, yes and spending some time on Facebook

I have traced many new items this morning and was just sitting down to sew
When the Mail Carrier came to pickup a box, in her hand she had my mail
There was a sweet little envelope, I did not recognize the address and yes it 
was sent to me. What a sweet pick me up today Thank you

Inside was a Beautiful little Thank you Card, Pam had won my December Giveaway. This put such a warm Happy smile on my face, thank you again for such a kind gesture Pam. I noticed she had signed up for 
A Month Of Letters

Not sure where this originated from *who started it* but it is sad that we do not take the time to send simple letters, fun cards to friends, I think I need a regular pen pal. Do you remember those, I do!
I first saw this on Diane's Blog
**Lavender Dreams**

so even though the month has started I believe I too will add this badge to my sidebar and begin sending good ole fashioned mail the remainder of the month
What a wonderful idea

Then this morning while on facebook. Another wonderful Friend of mine 
Was sharing info on the renovations of their Cape Cod Home
And they had removed a light well I possibly could be getting this light

Not sure yet if she is sending it, But I had looked at it this morning and thought
I would mask it off, paint the gold black, and have hubby 
Bead Blast it, I call it sand blasting but with glass it is bead blasting
It gives it a frosted look
He had recently done some mason jars for me to use as solar lights
I do not have any pictures but hope to get one this evening when it is dark out
If I can get one to take I will share it. 

Point of this story is Friends can sure brighten up your day
When you least expect it you can do something simple and not even realize what a powerful affect it has on someone else
So with that said do something kind for someone, reach out and do something totally unexpected to make someone else Happy
Have a wonderful Weekend


  1. I think the re-do of Lynn's lamp will be awesome! It's always good to give something old a new life (and look)!
    I have been trying to find some awesome, kinda prim note cards to have on hand as I have felt for a long time now how nice it would be to send along a card to brighten someone's day! Guess there are a few of us who still think this way.
    Anxious to see the solar lights ;-)
    Enjoy your day~

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad to see that you're participating in the Month of Letters Challenge! It was actually started by the writer Mary Robinette Kowal; here's the link to her blog post about it:

    I hope that more people join in, even if the month is already started...


  3. yes friends make the world go round,enjoy your day.xx

  4. Happy Saturday to you dear Brenda! Glad yours got off to a sunny start. I saw the letter challenge, but was told that sending 24 bills through the mail didn't count. ;o) I agree - a worthy cause, and I know I like getting "fun" mail once in a while! Hope the day's been good to you. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I agree, online friends are the best and they always seem to know when we need a pick me up. I would love to see how you redo that lamp.


  6. Oh Lordy, I need to get out the post it notes, 'cause there's so many RAK's I'd love to do. It is a sweet thing to do amongst friends.

  7. It's always so special to get a thank you note...or I'm thinking of you note in the mail! Thanks for mentioning me, Brenda! I'm having fun so far and I think everyone would! It's fun to 'get mail'! We can be pen pals! Hugs! Diane ♥♥♥

  8. I send notes, it is a good thing!

    I like the light, and would love to see the mason jar ones!

  9. Good Saturday evening Brenda. You are always a "joy" to follow girlfriend. Projects, oh my, our creative minds are never empty. I am in the middle of a total room makeover, hopefully only another week till completion.
    Hugs to ya,

  10. Hi, Brenda:
    I'm bouncing all over the internet tonight. That was a nice post. I saw the month of letters idea from Diane and unfortunately I know that I wouldn't follow through with it.
    I'm bad for making commitments because of my health right now, but it's a sweet idea.
    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for my rabbit and the awesome "Chocolate Bunnies"!!

  11. My gosh, I can't even remember the last time I got a hand written letter in the mail! What a wonderful gesture from Pam. And how lovely Lynn is going to send you the light! Can't wait to see your 'renovations' on it and your mason jar lights. A lovely and thoughtful post Brenda from a lovely and thoughtful person! Thanks so much, Deb

  12. I Love sending notes or cards to friends .just because I like them. I have decided to send a few friends a Valentine this year so that will be a surprize for them. Can't wait to see the mason jar lights. Sounds like something I would love to do:)

  13. Morning Brenda...
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting yesterday...always nice to see your name pop up.

    Blog friends are so sweet and thoughtful aren't they...I think because we 'TELL ALL' here on our blogs, our 'reader friends' seem to know us...almost better than our 'in person friends'.

    I have been doing more 'mailing' of things to friends and family lately...I rather like it.

    Blessings to you Brenda,

  14. The Month of Letters sounds like a lot of fun. The last time I exchanged a letter was with our son when he was in Iraq four years ago. I would love to participate, but I am afraid I would lag behind.

    Have a wonderful finish to your weekend. I am off to blogging land and email world to catch up!!

    Warm Wishes,

  15. Have a great day Brenda! Not enough notes written anymore like the good ole days. I used to love getting letters in the mail. I still have them:) You are right, a friend can brighten any day!~

  16. I was saying the very same thing in an e-mail to a blogger friend just yesterday. It doesn't really take much to make someone smile! A simple gesture. I'm always saying, "It's the little things that count." That said, I am still a letter-writer! I have a few elderly friends who never jumped on the computer bandwagon, so we write back and forth, just like in "the old days". And Thank You Notes?? I always send them, but seldom receive them. (Funny, except from blogging friends, hmmmm)

  17. Thanks for the reminder that the simple things such as a letter can say a thousand words. -Steph-


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