Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Football for me, are you watching the Super Bowl

Where did this weekend go?
I  have actually accomplished many things this weekend
So why am I even asking that question?
It seems I have just passed up on creating any items for Valentine's
So today I opted to feature some wonderful team mates on Etsy 
In a Treasury I named ~A Heart Full of Love~

Hope you drop by to check out all of the great creations featured in it.

Wow thank you for the wonderful comments about the
Canvas Carpenter Apron Pockets
I have really been selling these, don't forget you can get your name entered for a chance at winning one of the American Pockets, that post can be found **HERE**

Well I have a Two new styles that will be making their preview this week

A new American One with a three Wool stars one red, one white, and one blue
And also one filled with Daisies 
I have been toiling away on orders, and creating some new rabbits as well

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend
And if you are watching the Super Bowl good luck on your favorite team winning the game. Have to run, Lasagna is ready to take out of the oven
Time to slow down long enough to Eat


  1. Hi, Brenda:
    The Superbowl just ended. Well, that's over.
    You've been so busy. The daisy
    apron pocket is really nice.
    I think that's my favorite now.
    I haven't gotten anything done
    this weekend. Just keeping up
    with housework and laundry.

  2. Love the apron pocket with the flowers!!

  3. Love your new pieces, perfect to hang for the spring and a really nice prim look to them.


  4. I love what you did! No Super Bowl for me. Use to watch it years ago, but it's too commecialized for me anymore. I watch Law and Order. I did do some sewing on my heart block and beaded doll though.

  5. I'm with PeggyR... sport events these days are too commercialized so I don't watch. I believe you always have a productive weekend Brenda :o) Yes, it doesn't surprise me you've gotten such a big reaction to your new creations, they're awesome!

  6. You know how every once in awhile you see something and your heart jumps a beat and you think...ohhh..Yea..just felt that when I saw the daisy pocket. Ok...I broke me..I really do need to purchase this!! Katie


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