Monday, January 30, 2012

This weekend we noticed Rango gnawing on her paw, not on the paw pad but on the top of it!

There is a knot on top of her paw and she has it apparently infected.
So we have an appointment in the morning to see the Doc!!

Shelby has been taking good care of her

It is her right front paw! I have given up I have tried everything to keep them from
licking or chewing on it. Well Shelby stops her from chewing and just licks it?

I know probably too much information. But I am worried. She does not favor the paw or seem to be in pain
So we shall visit the place they least like to go to in the morning and see what we are up against?
And boy oh boy I thought Shelby was rotten now Rango has really played on this attention she is getting
from us and from her protective concerned MAMA!!

Wish us luck I will post when we get home


  1. I feel for ya...My bichon has started doing that!!! so frustrating...tried the sprays..the cone...he just licks it till its raw and red! sigh and the vets say hes bored... not true! LOL Hope you get it figured out !!

  2. I hope it's nothing serious. probably not. which one has the boo boo? they are both cute!

  3. Will watch for an update. Hope it isn't anything serious. Maybe just a bad habit like us biting our nails!

  4. Hi Brenda, Hope your little one Rango is okay and it's nothing serious. Good luck at the vet in the morning... ♥Traci

  5. Hope she is ok, so hard when they are hurt, we worry so much about them. Mine is getting treatment for problems, he is getting older and hoping he gets better instead of worse.


  6. Crossing my fingers that all will be well.

  7. Hopeful it is nothing serious. I know you can't help but worry.

  8. Good luck at the vet Rango! ;) I was always told that cats and dogs have healing enzymes in their saliva. That is why they lick infected wounds. My cat had an infected stitch after getting fixed, and the vet said her licking would clear the infection... and in our case it did. But I would definitely let the vet check it out. Especially with two active fur balls in the house! :)

  9. Waiting to hear how Rango is doing after the visit to the place of needles. *shudder*

    Hope all is well...


  10. Hi, Brenda:
    I hope the vet takes care of Rango's
    paw with something quick and
    painless. Poor little baby.
    Good Luck today.

  11. Brenda~ hoping Rango is okay~ poor little cutie pie~ They are so precious Mamma taking care of the baby~
    let us know how it goes~good luck~

  12. The personalites that dogs have are so funny and each so different. You sound like you have a couple of characters. Good luck at the Dr. tomorrow. -Steph-

  13. I hope your visit went well Breanda and that they fixed her all up!

  14. I hope your visit went well Breanda and that they fixed her all up!


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