Thursday, December 1, 2011

Special Sale until 10 PM tonight

Again ?? Twice in one day??

I sent out a newsletter yesterday for a special sale I am having so I will jump on here and offer this sale to you as well.

TODAY only until 10:00 PM tonight only!!! You can *****GO HERE***** To my Etsy Shop

And if you order three ornaments you will get a fourth one FREE.......equal or less value

If you order six ornaments you will get Two ornaments are made by order but I have several started so it should not take long to finish them. If you would like to purchase some as a gift for someone I will also ship to the person for you and include a little card with a special message from you.

Just contact me on etsy and let me know which ornaments you would like so I can do a custom order for you or you can purchase the ornaments and send me a message with the free choices



  1. You always have such great sales! Thanks Brenda! ♥ I'm still walking around with a big smile on my face! ♥

  2. They're gorgeous! I didn't buy one ornament or Xmas decoration this year. On a slim budget now.


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