Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Make Do

Wow I have three more small orders to finish and should be done with those in a couple of days
My Elf to Dress for Diane and a Couple to finish for a Sweet Friend.

So This morning I found myself getting up with my dogs at 3:00 AM not sure where that came from?
And I could not go back to sleep so I finished a WIP, being that I was not wide awake I figured that would be the safest thing to do LOL. Needless to say by 7:00 AM I found myself crawling back into bed and sleep until 9:00 WOW that is something I never do! So I wanted to share this Finished item with you and let you know I have three more WIP's I will work on in the next couple of days and I will list them all for Now Available to ship

**YES YOU can Click here I added a Now Ready to Ship Section to my Etsy Shop**
I intend to start adding several items to it

She is a OOAK on an old mill spool and only 12 inches tall to the bend in her hat.

Her hat is a army green colored Heavy Flannel and the trim and scarf is a Faux Fur. She is dusted heavy with ground Mica Flakes

And OH she is so much better in person!!! Just adorable.........There will only be one so if you should have an interest in her contact me before I get her listed

Ok I need to get to work now Have a Wonderful Day


  1. She's absolutely precious Brenda....must be something in the air....Our whole household has been waking up at 4 this whole week. Yikes. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Brenda, she's beautiful! She's making me happy just to look at her.
    Warm Wishes To Everyone

  3. Brenda, she's just too darned cute! You'll probably be asked to make more of her...



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