Monday, September 26, 2011

Sharing my Busy World right now

I have been extremely busy lately and I love it. On any given day you can find me working away in my kitchen

Yes I have pulled it all back out again and my kitchen is not a kitchen anymore LOL. Please excuse the mess but this is how it will stay until the end of the year. So glad I have a patient hubby, and trust me when I say no meals go uncooked.

I apologize for neglecting my blog lately, as well as my wonderful babies which will be in a picture on this post as well. Fair warning do not be frightened LOL, I am actually a great house keeper, but when work is demanding these areas get their daily cleaning and then they look like this again!!

I will confess all meals are served on TV trays and I grab mine at the computer desk, so I can take care of business while I am eating!! Poor Hubby!!!

A wider view of my mess, this is where everything winds up after sewing to stuff, and do finishing to

See my Window hubby says I need one of those round spinning things that a waitress slaps an order on for the cook so I can keep all of my current orders I am working on in clear view, but this works fine for me LOL, actually yes those notes are orders and that is not all of them!

This is the sewing side of my Table!! I was going to share my counters that I spread foil across filled with items drying, but I had to clean them off so I can start dinner shortly.

And last but not least POOR babies!! They both need baths and brushed, I can get Shelby to sit for me but I can not get Miss Rango to listen when I want to take pictures! Isn't she growing, she is such a mess, And yes she stays dirty. She gets a bath once a week and stays white for one evening and that is it!!

Don't forget I still have a giveaway going on, and yes I am still taking orders!! you can click the pumpkins in crows in my sidebar to go to my giveaway and sign up.

I promise I will post more often, and I sure have missed visiting every one's blogs. I have shipped twelve orders out in the past 7 days and I still have like 26 left at this point to finish. I should of shared my counter with out going boxes on it??? 

Our goal is to build a shop building for hubby by Spring so I can turn my 10 x 20 storage building into a studio, I sure need it! WE won't even post pictures of my bedroom where all of my fabrics are stored at, there are new shelves and yes more fabric then the last time I shared those!!

Nuff said I need to get to work.  Thank you for dropping by today



  1. Hon, you are one of the happiest, busiest gals I know! The busier you are, the happier you are!
    The girls look great! Shelby, all kicked back and Rango, all ready to jump and run! She sure is white, isn't she? So silky looking!
    A studio would be an exciting venture. I think if I had one, it would just get filled with my junk.... My summer kitchen has filled back up with patio furniture already. But think of all the shopping I could do!?!
    I am really happy for you, having so many orders.

    Warmest autumn blessings,my friend! ★Linda★

  2. Wow! and I thought my craftroom looked bad! But it's wonderful to make crafts that others appreciate and love to buy. You go girl! Awww, your puppies are sooo cute!

    Happy crafting!


  3. I bet it is all an organized mess though. At least your husband is so great about it all. Busy busy you are.

  4. Brenda.... OH MY, I thought I was looking at my house? LOL... We sure do know how to make a mess?? I have been trying to clean mine up, shipped the last of pumpkins off today... now it's snowmen, santa's.. gingerbread.. and what ever else I can come up! Happy creating! OLM

  5. LOL I don't feel so bad now!! I have to follow a path in my sewing room to find my machine. Glass jars, wood projects, paint, spices and wax and Oh lots of fabric....oh well, we got to love it. Sounds like a great life to me, don't you agree.

  6. Hey Brenda...missed you!! Lil' Miss Rango is a cutie-pie! Miss Shelby looks either tired or sad...does she miss her other babies...does she look for them anymore? Happy Crafting...I'm so excited to have pulled out my witch from you! She's back in the front hallway...yippee. I can't believe it's been a year already!

  7. It just shows how wonderful your work is that you are so busy! :O)

  8. I promise I won't call the hoarders show on you ~ my craftroom looks much worse than that. I just time my husband that's what being creative is all about!
    Your babies are adorable dirty or not!
    Prim Blessings

  9. If a crafters home is neat, then she isn't doing her job! You have to make a mess to be creating.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life..." or so my magnet says!! At least you have an "excuse", not so much - no out-going boxes, no orders - not even so much as a finished project these days - and, well, my house looks a wee bit like yours (except for those orders hanging from the curtains...I don't have any orders or any curtains...) ;o) Your girls look maaaavarlous!!! Such sweeties! (Breathe, Brenda, Breathe...) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Brenda, your crafting room looks like mine right now. I am getting ready for a big craft show in November and running out of room for "works in progress". I have boxes of finished product all over the house. But sounds like you love it as much as I do. LOL
    Have fun and don't work TOO hard.

  12. Thanks for sharing a peek into your creative bliss :) I love to see where people work, I am usually spred out all over the house, thank goodness for understanding hubbies!

  13. Hey your work area looks like mine, now I don't feel so bad. LOL. You are mighty busy Brenda, maybe you should hire an assistant.


  14. LOL-I LOVE your home Brenda! You are creating and happy! A seperate studio would be exciting, and fund to fix up though! Your little furry ones are so sweet - have a productive, happy week! ~*~Lisa

  15. LOL, Brenda! This gave me such a chuckle! You TRULY are a busy gal!! Love seeing those pups!! Give 'em kisses for me!

  16. Oh, my, you are a busy, busy woman!

    Your pictures remind me of my house, but I have no excuses!

  17. Busy is good.You look organized in your mess that's how I am.It looks messy but really a is getting to be a big girl fast.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  18. I love being busy but I know you try to do a lot more than I do, Brenda! Take care and enjoy the week! ♥

  19. You are very loved. Look at all those comments! I take it the wholesale business has taken off...Love to know how it's going. Laura

  20. Brenda, I would hate to show you a photo of my painting room! Awww, your babies are always a joy to see.

    BTW, I wanted to let you know you won the give away on my blog! Please send me an email with your mailing address...thanks.


  21. busy busy busy dont forget to breathe! I thought i was the only one who shared my disasterous work areas lol tv tray dinners here too lately hang in there season will come and go before we know it ! the girls are looking lovely give em a pat on the head for us ! have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  22. We have missed you Brenda but I can see how busy you have been. Congrats on getting a studio, it will make all the difference. Shelby and Miss Rango are so cute even if they do need a bath. Glad to hear your sister is on the mend.

    Keep in touch,


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