Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am a Winner YEAH!!

Ok so I have spent countless hours working away, in fact my dogs got me up at 1:50 this morning needing to go outside. I just looked and said are you serious LOL!!!!!!!!! you see once I get woke up I can go back to sleep, but once I get woke up and get out of bed I can NOT go back to sleep. So after going back to bed when we came back inside I laid with eyes wide open and watched the clock for 45 minutes, and thought what the heck so yep I got up, turned on my coffee and I am dragging from it now!!

So I took a much needed break a few minutes ago and found a wonderful surprise in my emails LOOK at this
I won Isn't it amazing Willa is a Great Painter
I am so thrilled Excited Happy!!!

I also wanted to share some news with you that I have not taken much time to talk about, My sister that I live by as most know had recently had a major Cancer surgery, I am so Happy to see her out and about, she still has some pain, and some bad swelling in one of her legs but she is doing Good and I have missed seeing her outdoors this year!! She is always outside when the weather is nice and most of this year she has been cooped up indoors!!!! 

Hugs to all Thank you again Willa I will share with everyone when I get the prize!!
Back to work I go, dinner soon, then a nice long hot shower and BED EARLY for me LOL


  1. Congratulations Brenda, you give, give and give. So glad that you won!! What a lovely giveaway, it is awesome for fall. Hugs, Lecia

  2. YAY for a WELL DESERVED WIN, Brenda! I DO NOT miss those early morning hours with my pup!! Hope you get some 'shut eye' tonight!

  3. Congratulations Brenda! You are always having a wonderful giveaway at The Rusty Thimble, so it's great to hear that you won something.

  4. Congratulations to you dear Brenda - no one deserves it more...and such a special win it is! So glad to hear your sister is recovering and getting back to normal....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Congratulations ~ it's gorgeous! Hope you can sleep better tonight!

  6. What a wonderful prize to win, beautiful painting on a beautiful board. I am also happy to hear that your sister is doing well.


  7. congratulations Brenda, I am so glad you won the giveaway, especially after reading how busy you have been. It is true that you are a generous giver so that makes it double wonderful that you won. I need your mailing address, could you email it to me at


  8. Great for you Brenda...You so deserve it...and Willa is am amazing painter!

  9. You so deserve to win! Willa's painting is so gorgeous. I won a breadboard from her and I love it.
    I had wondered how your sis was doing. Glad she's able to get out and about. You know when I have trouble sleeping, I take a couple Tylenol PMs. works every time!
    Warmest autumn blessings, my friend,

  10. Congrats Brenda! What a great prize!!! Carmen and the Primcats

  11. Congrats, Brenda, you really deserve it!
    Willa does a fantastic job of painting!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  12. Congrats on your win. What a lovely surprise to get so early in the morning. I am happy that your sister is up and about. I love my sister dearly and am happy for you. -Steph-

  13. Congrats on the noodleboard win Brenda. That is an awesome painting.


  14. Brenda, hooray! I missed this post and I don't know how I did.
    I'm so glad it was you who won.
    warm regards,

  15. Oh My! Lucky girl you are! And what a generous givaway you won. Tonight is my turn for a sleepless night. Not due to the dogs however, LOL. My restless 4-legged sleeper gets to sleep in the laundry room after waking us up at 3:00am one too many times.


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