Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Snowman and AHHH sweet cool temps

There is nothing sweeter during this time of the year then to open up your windows and enjoy the wonderful
fresh Cooler air. Yes we have finally got a break in our Heat.

I have been Busy Busy sewing up orders. I even finished this guy for an order but have enough of this Vintage Wool Coat for a couple more. He is a Kentucky Prims design

You can view more pictures and the details on him HERE in my Etsy Shop

If you don't Etsy just contact me if you are interested, I did get alot added to my sales blog HERE

And for those interested in Wholesale you will have to email me for me to send you an invite to read 
That blog, remember you do not need a tax number to order wholesale from me. I have gals that buy 
To add fillers to their craft shows etc.

Ok back to work once I get caught up on the orders I will get the pictures I promised of Rango and 
Shelby!! They are enjoying the cooler temps as well. They want to stay outside longer and run and play

Hope you all had a great Holiday Weekend



  1. Wonderful new piece. I need to pull out my patterns and make some fall ones to decorate with, then I will go onto christmas.


  2. Adorable, Brenda!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  3. Glad you got your break in the heat. The snowman helped I bet. He's very cute. -Steph-

  4. Oh, Brenda - he is absolutely precious!! Love him!! So glad to hear you've finally gotten some respite from the oppressive heat....Here, we've had to close the windows and put the heat on....Too, too, soon.....Hope the day was good to you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Kentucky prims are some of my favorite patterns and you have done an awesome job on the snowman. Love him!!! We have had a turnaround in our weather also. Temps. have gone from the 90's into the 60's. Brrr....much more comfortable even though it is quite a change.

    hugs, Carol

  6. Your snowman is awesome! We got cooler temps here too--from an avg of 103 to around 93. They say it'll heat up again, but I'm praying it wont.

    Hugs the critters for me and Hello from The Schultz. :~)

  7. Oh he's darling and the cool temperatures are wonderful!

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