Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your Weekly Puppy Fix and a New Creations

Well I am late sorry I did not do anything but be lazy yesterday instead of sharing pictures of the pups with you
They are five weeks and one day old *I am counting* you bet
Cause I am ready for it to just be a two dog house here LOL
Do not I repeat do not look at that carpet !!!
Yes we have had to resort to putting a make shift pen in our SMALL
Living Room I have indoor outdoor rubber backed carpet down
(I take the carpet outside hose it down hang it to dry and then bring it back in)
And trust me in the 100 plus temps we have had for days on end
It does not take long for it to dry! If I take the pups outside it is not long until
they are too hot so I had to put a pen inside for them
It is like 3 foot wide and 4 foot long and I am ready for it to be GONE
They are dragging poor mama down so bad, I feel so sorry for her
But if I try to put them in their cage she noses around it
And even sticks her nose under the cover I put on it
And riles them up to where they want out to play and these little guys are so FAST
And so NOSEY!!
Rango is getting skinny, but he is quicker then the other two and he runs and plays
So hard ( he can fit through the pen wire an crawls outside of it all the time )
I will be glad when they start eating puppy food so they will fatten up some

A Design by The Vintage Polka dot

Hope you all had a Wonderful 4th of July


  1. Adorable puppies and the scarecrow is cute too.

  2. Brenda
    Cute Scarecrow!!!
    The pups~ what can I say I just want to pick them up & give them some lovin!!! Adorable!!!

  3. Definitely time for real food! Start with some soft scrambled eggs--maybe 2 with about 1 T. of water. Keep Shelby back. (BTW~ She should probably be getting supplements by now---peanut butter, eggs-scrambled or hard boiled, cheese, cooked hamburger--not too much just a little with her dog food.)
    Second day, moisten some dry food-not too much-and add 1 scrambled egg. Third day, just the moistened dog food and the next, just dry. They should be eating dry food at 6 weeks and eating separately from Shelby. Momma get real hungry now and can be snappy with pups. You want to encourage the pups to eat from a bowl instead of their Momma. Soon they will be chewing up everything in sight and that includes Momma. Do they have new homes yet? It's just a couple weeks and they will be gone. Shelby won't miss them. Will you????
    BTW~ All our 3 of our Mommas still kennel with their offspring. Loyal is 8 and sleeps with her Mom Gillian who is 11. Reba is 5 and sleeps with her Mom Libby who is 9.
    Ginger is 3 and sleeps with her Mom Cami who is 6. Our 2 boys-Clifford,15 and Tate, 10-share a kennel. That leaves Cricket to her own kennel. I, too, am looking forward to fewer kennels. :)

  4. That scarecrow (with his crow!!!) is too, too, cute!!! Oh you tempt me so!!! LOVE it! And puppies are puppy cute!! But I can only imagine the work....Two trained dogs is two too many on any given day for me in this house!! You'll so enjoy getting back to normal I bet! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love the puppies, and I love your scarecrow.


  6. Brenda they are precious ! Goodness I bet they are a handful. Love the scarecrow !Have a great day,Jen

  7. They are so adorable! Boy! Have they grown. Your scarecrow is just too cute.

    Prim Blessings,

  8. The scarecrow is great but oh how cute are those puppies. You are so lucky. It must be so much fun.

  9. aww thr puppies are getting so cute and big!Bet your havin fun,hehe!love your new scarecrow!have a wonderful week sweetie!big hugs michelle

  10. OMG the pups are so cute.......But I can only imagine how much work they are! The scarecrow is awesome:)

  11. I love your new scarecrow...and sweet puppies! They sure are growing fast! ♥


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