Friday, July 29, 2011

I have been featured at By Your Hands

Good Morning
Thank you for all the wonderful comments
I have been up to my ears in a pumpkin patch
*A Handmade pumpkin patch LOL*
pictures are in this post
So I am sorry I did not respond to your comments yesterday
I enjoy them all so much

I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning I have been featured at
**** By Your Hands ****
Please do visit this wonderful blog there is so much that it offers
Featured Artists, Tutorials, Tips on Organizing, Trash to Treasure ideas,
And Handmade Sampler Recipes
Now just to show my patch LOL
these were taken a few days ago and the scarecrows and witches have all been
finished well I still have brooms and cats to get done today but WHEW
I have completed almost 58 items in the past two weeks!!

There is not a counter top in my Kitchen that is not lined up like this right now
And I have more on my table
Yes I decided *actually kicked myself for slacking* that if I can
turn out product like this I need to do it more then just when
I have a large order for a shop owner
EXCUSE the mess........I have neglected my housework

This is all an Order for a Shop Owner
*Thank you Cindy*
I have most all boxed up right now sorry for not sharing finished pictures
I will be listing the scarecrows and witches on my Etsy
Once I am finished with the order
TODAY yes I have to get this all done today

I am now on Cedar Street Craft Mall

Simply Click The picture

I Love my Blog followers and all the Wonderful Friends I have made online
And appreciate all of you that follow and comment


  1. Brenda, geepers, I thought I had a lot to do today in the craft room. (giggle) The pictures are a sign business is good and for that be thankful. love all your pumpkins. And congrat. for being featured. Will head on over and check it out. Have a great "busy" day.

  2. Awesome...gotta love body parts everywhere! :~)

    Gotta say congrats, though, on your success, and the need to make so many dolls! Well done!

  3. Wow Brenda you are a busy bee. I cannot believe you have accomplished so much in this heat. I just finished four halloween bowls and I was happy. I am on my way to see where you are featured.

    Congratulations on such good work,

  4. Hey Brenday, I caught your feature on By Your Hands, congratulations! You deserve it:)
    Atta girl getting all those dollies finished. You'll be rollin' in the dough:)

  5. Hi Brenda,
    Congratulations on the feature!
    Keeping busy=out of trouble!!
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Hi, Brenda
    congrats on the feature~ So exciting!!!
    Look at all your creations~ Wow girl~ wonderful~ simply wonderful!!

  7. Just saw your feature at By Your Hands - congrats!! No one deserves it more!

    And holy smoking productions!!! 58 items in 2 weeks!! I'd be lucky to do that in a lifetime! I was so happy to finally "finish" 3 of my projects - and trust me, they were 80% or more already done!! YIKES!! You are the crafting queen!! Craft on! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Congrats. That's an accomplishment. Your things are so cute.

  9. Congrats Brenda on the feature.How exciting and you so deserve it.Love all the goodies you have been churning out.Wow that is a lot of sewing. Hugs,Jen

  10. Wow! 58 projects in two weeks. I can barely finish one in two weeks. Wish I had your energy. Love your assembly line of body parts. Everything looks so prim and ready for fall.
    Congrats on your feature at By Your Hands.
    Country at heart

  11. WOW Brenda, You have gotten alot done. I wish I get got all that done. I have to get moving!!! Everything looks wonderful!!!!

  12. Can you figure out a way to bottle your energy to sell? LOL - I'll put in a pre-order! Keep on creating Brenda! ~*~Lisa


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