Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Win from Tammy, Puppies and my Day yesterday

Well can you tell by that title I have a bit to cover in this post?
First I will share the puppies
No eyes open yet and not a great picture I am sorry
The front one you see is a little pig....he is so big!!
The middle one is the little runt!!
The white ones name is Rango and yes we are keeping him

What have I been doing? Well for 4 days straight I worked none stop and Hard at getting everything craft related into my bedroom
The best part is now I actually have a kitchen and if we want we can
Actually sit at our dining room table to eat a meal

Well I paid for that hard work!! On Tuesday I felt rotten bad, was so dizzy and sick thought I needed to throw up but never did. I could sit down and close my eyes and everything was still spinning it was horrible, that evening I felt a little better
But yesterday I woke up and as soon as I got to moving around I was down for the count............the dizzy feeling was worse, I felt like I was having a stroke I knew something was wrong so hubby came home and took me to the ER
I got there and my blood pressure was high *I have NEVER had high blood pressure*
And my heart rate was slow
Talk about being SCARED!!!
They determined after all of the tests that I have Vertigo

The medicine they gave me helped and as long as I take them I am not dizzy but if I don't take one it comes back!!
I did come home to a box Tammy From A Primitive Place
Had sent the boxes I won on her blog

As soon as I get to feeling better I will finish my bedroom and put them in there
I love them Tammy thank you so much

Another picture of the Puppies they are 10 days old today
Shelby is a good little Mama she sure does need to be groomed
But that will have to wait awhile
OH and by the Way I have not forgotten about my next giveaway
Please bear with me I will get it posted soon I promise


  1. Oh so glad to see the new momma is doing good.Love the name Rango!Hope you start feeling better soon too.Maybe your working too hard up and have a wonderful week your gonna need your energy soon when them cuties are runnin around.hehe!Big hugs michelle

  2. So sorry you aren't feeling well Brenda - that sounds terrible! Did the ER say what causes vertigo? I thought it was just high places (via Jimmy Stewart's movie Vertigo). Hope you start feeling well soon. Pets to the puppies!

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  4. Yikes, Brenda - that's scary! You take care....what would those little pups do without their grams???! Glad, tho, it's more innocuous than a stroke or something! Those puppies are adorable...something told me that lil' white one wasn't going far! ;o) Love your boxes from Tam - Congrats again - remember - if they're not the right color, I think you have my addy.... ;o))) Have a wonderful evening...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Brenda, you must take better care of YOU! I worry for you. I do take meds for my blood pressure and I know about getting dizzy. Be so careful. Falling can be so dangerous.
    Rango, huh? That is cute. That will be one spoiled pup. I know that our mother-daughter pairs get along very well, so you have some fun to look forward to!Love that you are getting settled in. Hope you have an awesome weekend!
    :) ★Linda★

  6. Hi Brenda~

    Hope you're feeling better soon. The puppies are sooo cute!! Love your win from Tammy!

    Take it easy & have a good night~Becky

  7. Brenda, I am so sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are better real soon.
    Those puppies are adorable. They are soooo sweet!!!
    Congratulations on your winning Tammy's giveaway!!! The boxes are beautiful. Hugs, Lecia

  8. Congrats on the win! Hope you are feeling better soon and that the meds help you!

  9. Hi Brenda: Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Glad that's all it was....I'm so glad you're keeping the white one...Love his name! Are they all boys/girls?
    Take care,

  10. Hi Brenda,
    OMGosh! How scary. I'm so happy to hear you are okay.
    Love your adorable puppies.
    And I'm so happy your boxes arrived safe and sound.
    Take care of you and hugs,

  11. The puppies are adorable! You are sure have your hands full. You really made out with the boxes too.
    One lucky girl!

  12. Sure hope you get to feeling better Brenda!! My mom has had that before and finally got over it but it lasted awhile...sorry! Those puppies are just so darn precious, especially that white one!!


  13. Gosh, Brenda what a week. I'm glad it wasn't a stroke or heart attack. I'm sorry you felt so sick.
    Shelby is a fantastic little mother, and the little white Rango looks like a little piglet from his rump. I mean that in the cutest most loving way cuz piglets are my favorite farm animal!
    Warmest Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  14. Hope you feel better soon.
    Those puppies are so adorable.
    Don't they grow fast?
    Love the last pic of the puppies.
    Congrats on your win from Tammy!
    Prim Blessings

  15. I am so sorry you have been feeling so bad! I am glad they were able to determine what it was and get you something to help it. I hope you are feeling back to normal in no time! Those little puppies sure are cute :D

  16. Brenda
    Hoping you are feeling better~
    The puppies are adorable~ how cute the pooh blanket! So precious Shelby cleaning the white one, Rango!!
    Great items from Tammy!!1
    smiles~ get better!

  17. I sure hope you get everything back in check and feel better soon! Hugs! ♥

  18. Brenda ,I am so sorry that you are feeling bad. I feel for you dealing with Vertigo ,it is just awful . The puppies are so cute !Shelby washing Rango is adorable .Hope that you are feeling better soon !Hugs,Jen


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