Monday, May 16, 2011

A Winner, Swaps, and Shelby

Well I am a day late at announcing the Winner for my May giveaway
Please join me in telling Linda of ParkersParadise  congratulations on winning
The five flowers and Bird Tucks
I have been cleaning please note my tiny little one bedroom house is not a fancy
Mansion but it is home none the less so I am going to share some pictures so
That I can boast about some swaps I have recently gotten
Our bathroom is so small there is no way to get a picture
When we got this place I wondered how on earth I would ever store anything in this bathroom, there is no linen closet and all the storage there is was the vanity??
so my towels have always been folded and stacked on the back of the toilet and
on top of my washer!!
So I had purchased a couple of shelves from Carol of The Firecracker Kid
The above shelf is also a towel bar
This one hangs just inside my door
I will be doing some decorating and putting things away in better out of sight places
soon because I just swapped with Carol for
The Cabinet over the toilet and the cubby on my toilet lid
Now I need to go and get my brown and red hand towels and wash cloths
that is what the cubby will hold
If you have never purchased from Carol and Timmy's Etsy Shop
you really need to check them out, I gave Carol the size I needed to make this cabinet
work for us and it is amazing it actually looks like it is built in
Sorry I can not get a good picture I tried *yes* even by standing in my bathtub LOL
Now my towels are neatly folded under the vanity

The penny Runner I swapped for from Michelle of Grannies Pantry
Now has a home on top of the cubby my colors in this bathroom will be
brown, black and red
I also did a swap with Tracy of the Pairie Patch
for some of her Hand made soaps that are pictured in the bowl I placed a couple in
my kitchen by my sink as well, Oh they smell heavenly and are wonderful
* the spots you see on some of my pictures is from my camera*
Oh how I need a new one so bad!!
I actually put my leaf in my Table and moved all of my crafting things
out of there, now all that is here is my sewing machine, I am looking for a desk with a hutch so I can move it to the bedroom as well
Our next project is to do a shelf above this window
*Well that and the fact that we have began the task of covering out deck outside*
More of Tracy's Soaps in a bowl and ignore the hummingbird feeder that I need to fill
And also another of Carols creations the Nesting Box
My sink and dishwasher sit in this island that divides the living room from the kitchen
When I say small I mean small we have less then 800 square feet but it is perfect for us
I will be replacing the blinds with the large slat wood blinds this year
I have got to touch this entertainment center up it had bad dings on it
so we touch painted and now I have to put a coat of poly on the entire things
And don't you just love the scratch on my TV, hubby swatted a fly last year!!
But we are getting a larger TV that will fill the spot up
And there you have it another cabinet on top from Carol
My things are all mismatched and that is fine with me The old minnow bucket use to
be my dad's eventually I hope to have the entire living room done in fishing decor
After all we live at the lake and if we aren't at home you can find us at the water!!
Oh that's right and this is what Miss Shelby thinks about it all
This is what Shelby thinks about everything these days LOL
she had a rough night last night and we thought she was going to have puppies EARLY
This is what she has done all day today poor baby is miserable
10 more days and we will have little shelby's!!!
and we hope this is where she will be having those babies at????
This is why I had to move things around today so I could find a place for her cage
she normally lays on top of the Old Trunk on her soft bed under the window and looks
outside, but now that is moved and I do not think she is happy about it at all!
No pictures of the bedroom today because I need to jump off of here and perform a miracle before hubby gets home from work this evening
OH my I have piles of crafting supplies back there and have no idea how I am
going to remotely find a place to put them at LOL
Congrats again to Linda on winning the giveaway


  1. Big congrats Linda!Your such a luckie duckie!I was just thinking about you today brenda and wondering how shelby was doing.Keep us posted sweetie.Thanks again for a great giveaway.All your treasures look amazing!I love where you put the penny rug with carols creations.
    big hugs michelle

  2. Congrats to Linda! Love your new goodies.Can't wait to see the little Shelby's.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Yay for Linda!! You lucky thing you! Love that little birdie!! Thank you, Brenda, for again hostessing such a wonderful giveaway! Thanks, too, for sharing your home with us - it is inspiring to see what others do with "small" spaces (I personally think I would have no problem whatoever with organization, etc., if my house were 3x as big as it is....DH feels quite differently...) ;o) Anyway - Carol's cabinets and shelves all look wonderful - and you certainly have a way of making your space look much larger. Poor lil' Shelby - hope she has a smooth and easy deliver (IN her cage!) Wow - 10 days only, really? That went by very, very quickly!! Have a great week Brenda....! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  4. Congrats to Linda! I love how you have all your goodies displayed. :) I'm also glad you like my soaps. I'll be posting about your great rabbit soon. Been so swamped this weekend.


  5. Wow, how quickly the time goes...seems like Shelby was just having her 'away' visit! Love the shelf that Carol made you..thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  6. Congrats to Linda! LOL Brenda-I have my dad's old minnow bucket too. It holds many memories. Thanks for sharing your home-love your tastes-very inspiring! Good luck with your Shelby ~*~Lisa

  7. Congratulations Linda, and thank you Brenda for hosting your wonderful giveaways. I love all of your goodies, I love your shelf from Carol and your penny rugh from Michelle, love your soaps, I can smell them now. Yummy. Your home is lovely, you have it decorated so cozy. And your doggie is the cutest! Hugs,Lecia

  8. Congrats Linda! I know she is thrilled! She sure have been busy, Brenda! Have a good week! ♥

  9. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    Congrats to Linda. She is one lucky ducky. You know how much I love all your treasures of love. I think you have the (Thimble) touch. (you know instead of the Midas touch).

    Everything looks so pretty Brenda. You are finally getting everything just like you want it. Home Sweet Home.

    Sweet Shelby looks so precious. I can't wait to see Little Shelby's. I just know they are going to be adorable like her. I love her little face. She reminds me of my little Ein Bischen. She was 19 years old when she passed. Keep me posted on the babies sweetie.

    Now don't wear yourself out. Shelby is the one having the babies. She should be nesting these days. Ha! Ha!

    Love ya sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. Congratulations Linda!
    Thanks Brenda for hosting this wonderful swap.
    Your home is lovely!
    When you talk about Shelby having her pups and where you would like her to have them. Brought back memories when our golden had her pups ~ I made a big soft bed for her, but she chose to have them on my brand new couch in the middle of the night. I can laugh about it now.

    Prim Blessings

  11. Big congrats to Linda....she so deserves winning something!! She is a special and giving person!! I love Carol and her hubby's work! Wish I rich so I could buy more. I have a plate rack coming from them soon. Can't wait to see it!! I still need to figure out what to do with my nesters I got from them!

  12. Brenda,
    Congratulations to Linda over at Parker's Paradise for her nice win.
    I'm sure she will find the perfect spot for it. Thank you for another nice giveaway.
    Country at heart

  13. Congratulations "Lucky Linda"!
    Nice tour of your home Brenda. It's coming together nicely for ya and it's my pleasure to help you furnish it:)
    Awww, poor Shelby sweety. I hope her birthing goes well. Keep us up to date on her.

  14. thanks, Brenda! I am really happy to be a winner! These are so cute.
    Now, see---it was practically painless for you to give us a look-see! Love how Carol's things just personalize your space, like they were meant to be there. And Michelle's penny ties it all together. I have one very much like it! :)
    It's not the size of your space that matters. It's the way you use it and If you make good use of it, it is good.
    We always used a big cardboard box and lots of old bath towels. That way you can move it, sit by it with your hand gently petting her, helping to ease her fears. I have been right there with every whelp--12 of them-56 puppies. I wish you and Shelby the very best.

  15. Congrats to Linda. Your house looks lovely. I prefer small rooms to big open ones. They have a more 'homey' feel. :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  16. Hello Brenda-
    Congratulations to Linda! Thanks for sharing pictures of your home. I LOVE it. Those cabinets are awesome! Shelby is sooo darn cute. Hope everything goes well with her delivery. Wow, 10 days left. That seems to have went fast. Take care. Have a wonderful week!

  17. COngrats to Linda on a wonderful Giveaway win!!
    Thanks for the tour, Brenda! I am very limited in my storage space as we've made our home in what used to be a 'vacation' home on the lake! Closets were not a necessity!!!
    Give Shelby an extra scratch behind her ear for me!! Can't wait to see the pups!

  18. Hi Brenda,
    Congratulations to Lucky Linda, and thank you Brenda for hosting your wonderful giveaways.
    Love Carol and Timmy's work.
    Also love seeing how you decorate. I am preeetty clueless on how to make it look good!
    Hang in there Shelby!
    Enjoy your day,


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