Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check out My Uncle Sam

First while I sit here I just have to say my prayers and thoughts are with all of those affected by all of the flooding, I look at those pictures and just tear up at all of the
homes that are damaged and all of those that are displaced in shelters.
This year has really been a bad one for natural disasters. It just breaks my heart

I have been trying to get back into creating and wanted to share with you my latest
I would like to introduce to you my Uncle Sam
And I would like to take this time to send out a Big Thank you to
Brenda Sanker of The Vintage Polka Dot
I contacted Brenda and asked if I could adapt one of her designs to do this guy
And was thrilled when she responded to me with a yes, I love Brenda's patterns!

This guy is a big one he is 30 inches long including his Hat

yesterday I received a LARGE box in the mail
and I also have a swap to share
But you have to wait to see what they are  hubby is bringing home some hardware so I can display these items and I will finally have one room in my home that I can share pictures of and will be doing that in a couple of days

I will close in sharing a picture of my son
This is Jerry and Tiffany his fiance

Hope you are having a Wonderful Day


  1. I think you could take any pattern and make it awesome, Brenda. I've always admired Brenda Sanker too. Uncle Sam is great! Your son & fiance look so young and happy! Flooding-just read on Google FEMA is asking some disaster victims for $ amount quoted was $20,000! Can't imagine-they've already gone through so much. Thanks for sharing ~*~Lisa

  2. Brenda
    Cute~ Cute Uncle Sam!!
    Congrats on the engagement~ Very sweet pic~ lovely couple!

  3. I love your Uncle Sam - he is fantastic! Your son and his fiancée are a beautiful couple!

  4. What a cutie your Uncle Sam is - I've got my big one almost done..he's just waiting for his hat - can't seem to find the time to finish him!

  5. Your creations are all wonderful, Brenda.
    Beautiful picture of the couple.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

    5-Day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  6. Brenda~

    Your Uncle Sam is adorable!!

    Congrats to the lucky couple. They're so cute together.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  7. Ahh Brenda, that's a big fella! Yes, I like Brenda of Handmade Art Fair too and advertise on her blog.
    Oh boy... I know what your delivery was and I'm not gonna tell... LOL, although I can't wait to see:)
    Your son and his fiance make a good lookin' couple.

  8. OHHHH!! Lovin' your Uncle Sam - such soulful eyes!!! Bet he can tell some great stories. Just wonderful Brenda! Great picture of your son and DIL-to-be. They look so good together! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  9. What a wonderful photo of your son and his fiance! I know you are so proud of them! And I love your new creation! Very nice! ♥

  10. Hi Brenda,
    What a fabulous Uncle Sam!
    Love the photo of your son and his love.
    Enjoy your evening!!

  11. Brenda, your Uncle Sam is adorable!! Great picture of your son and his future wife!


  12. BEFORE I FORGET....gorgeous photo of your son and fiance. TFS

    Uncle Sam...ADORABLE.


  13. I just love your Uncle Sam. Love American anyway. And you have a very good looking family :)

  14. Love the uncle sam doll, your creations are always well done. Nice looking couple, many blessings to them. Vicky

  15. Brenda -

    Another great creation from you. I'm sure you'll sell lots of them.

    Congrats on your son getting engaged. They make a very cute couple.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow link party. I featured you over at All Thumbs Crafts.

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts


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