Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swap Goodies

Well this is better then my last post, and hey the storm system must of moved some

The storms are forming further south then they have been, we are under a severe weather watch, there are storms out west that are coming straight east, but by the time they get here at least hubby will be home from work.
I hate being home alone while it is stormy

So I jumped in the Pick Up and drove to the mail box and there was a box in there
Perked me right up
I recently did a swap with Michelle of Sugar House Creations

All Packaged up so sweet

I fell in love with these Sweet Button salt dough tucks aren't they adorable
I got 6 of them and a cute cute sunflower
But I also got these
OH How precious a House and Hearts
I love them all so much Michelle thank you

And I do Not have to cook Hubby is bringing home Chinese Food
So I am just going to relax this evening, well until the storms arrive!


  1. Great swap items.. No cooking, you are very lucky Brenda! Enjoy it and relax! Have a safe evening! Hugs, Tina

  2. I fell in love with her button salt dough ornies the moment I saw them in the Sunburnt Cow contest. I wonder if she'll do another swap - hehe.

    Hope the storms quickly pass.


  3. oh my gosh....I gotta have some of those button salt dough ornies...wonder if they were made with a cutter or mold?...so cute and so different! I'll have to check out her site.
    Stay safe!!

  4. I love your ornies from Michelle, those buttons esp. are so darn cute!!! She makes wonderful ornies!!! Hugs, Lecia

  5. hose r some cute buttons for sure!enjoy your chinese tonight!big hugs michelle

  6. Love your swap items. I saw the buttons on her site and loved them. Please stay safe with the storms approaching. What is with this weather? We have been having them in Ga. too. Tomorrow evening and into night suppose to be really bad here. Sure hoping we all are spared and will be safte.

  7. LOVE the salt dough!! Mmmm and I love chinese food too...wish I was having that for dinner!

  8. Hope you (and little Shelby Mama) are safe and sound! It's about time you get a break in that weather. I'd say I'd trade the sleet (and tomorrow's snow) for what you're having...but, then again, maybe not. I don't have to go in the basement and hide my head under a pillow for snow. (Besides - we had a tornado a few weeks ago and folks are still trying to burying out...) Like I said - stay safe. (PS - great swap goodies!!) Hugs & Smiles, Robin

  9. Chinese sounds good.
    No dishes sounds good.
    Gifts in the mail sound good.
    More storms--does NOT sound good.
    Tornado season should be over soon, right? You snuggle that Mama and keep her safe.
    I love Michelle's buttons, too.

  10. That was a great trip to the mail box, love, love, love all yor new treasures!!!

    We're on our second night of storms here. We had three different tornado warnings pop up in our county yesterday. Tonight just lots, and lots of rain for us. The storms passed us by, and we needed the rain, just not that way. Everything has passed for the night, so I can finally get to bed without having to keep the radio on all night. My parents live on Lake Arrowhead, and it has missed them every night, so your in the wrong spot!!! Isn't that the way it always works out. My dog Haley freaks out during storms too. I can always count on her waking me at night if one comes along. Unfortunately she wakes me by panting in my face. Dogs! Stay safe!!!

  11. Great things you got there! I am going to have to give those salt ornies a whirl sometime! I have plenty of cookie cutters around here!
    I love good Chinese food, there's a great buffet place about 15 minutes away. It's nice to have a break from kitchen duties once in awhile.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  12. Those are so prim pretty and I'll bet they smell wonderful. Yay for you Bren:) and stay safe.


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