Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The National Weather Service

Has just issued Tonado Watch number 219 for northern counties in Texas

Ok this is day FIVE of this!!!! Yes the radio just sounded that much dreaded advice that conditions are favorable for severe storms
Well at least it is 2 in the afternoon it has been coming on about noon daily LOL
No storms on the radar at this time??? But it always seems that within an hour of this watch warning they start popping up everywhere.

I know I am not in Northern Texas but just a stone throw away if I go to the end of the road to the water, ok maybe not but I can see Texas from there!!
And those storms have taken the same path for 4 days in a roll now and always land somewhere close by too close for comfort
So darn it I had to get out of my PJ'S and get dressed in case I have to dash to the cellar later LOL............Be glad when it is over so I can put them back on!!!!

so ToTo.....oops I mean Shelby is now in my lap LOL....when the radio goes off she comes to me for reassurance that everything is going to be fine.
She does not like the storms I have to find something to throw over her head she
gets all scared, poor little thing!!

I haven't been online much this week, and now you know why. I always loose my internet service when the storms get close!

Hope you are all enjoying your spring day and if you are affected by all this messy weather lately I hope you are safe


  1. Stay safe Brenda...glad that you have a basement!!

  2. Prayers with you & shelby!!!( stay the basement!!!)
    Keep safe from the storms~
    Prayers for all in the line of the storms

  3. I hate these storms, last time it put a tree on our next door neighbors roof, we are up for severe storms wednesday night, our biggest night out in my cleaning business. We are up here tonight for some storms, trying to get our veggie garden planted before it rains, seems like we are always trying to beat the rain. Stay safe. Vicky

  4. Hang on! Man the storms have been bad! We had them around here, yesterday, one went around us and did a lot of damage and killed people in Arkansas...I was in the closet for awhile, yesterday, no basement to get into...The weather radio went off about 15 times during the afternoon, plus the sirens in town went off to take cover! Stay safe....

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. ToTo--I like that. So are you Dorothy? or Auntie Em? I want to be the scarecrow!!!!!!!
    Mallory's favorite movie. I can even guess how many times we watched it over the years plus acted it out in the car on trips. Mike was always the Tinman and I was the Wicked Witch because I could cackle just like her..... The stuff memories are made of....

  6. I hadn't heard from you nor my email the other day so I am checking on you to make sure you are ok, Brenda.

    We had the Alabama storms go thru here last night in MD & today ... not fun at all.

    Just checking on the project I had requested from you, if you could let me know how that is coming along, also. TY

    Take care & know you are in my thoughts ...
    TTFN ~ Marydon


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