Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures of The Weather and Packages

Well are you Still getting snow we sure are please read under these pictures there
is more snow there then you would think LOL
I Promise this post will get better as you continue to read
The Pictures show it all
Well with Hubby home from work one more day this Week
I am sorry that I have not added items to my sale right now I am making a homemade pizza!!!! We went to town I am so devoted to my customers and had a package to ship
You will think this is not much snow but do understand we had like an inch of ice 4 inches of snow another road of ice and now two more inches today and it is still falling
Notice the road has a curve in it a big curve that goes to the right and straight up a hill
hmmm wonder if anyone is coming around that curve?

Nope but someone is stuck LOL
We live at a lake almost 20 miles from the post office these roads are narrow lake roads

I had several pictures of cars off of the road they did not come out
It is hard taking pictures when you can't slow down but you are actually moving slowly
We made it to town.......the post office has a sign hanging on the door
NO MAIL we have not gotten mail this week unless it is local
This sign will remain posted until we get mail
HMMM now I know why I am not getting my supplies seems the trucks are picking up
mail to take to Oklahoma city but they are not bringing mail
I just stood at the counter with my mouth wide open
*Now does that make any sense to you LOL*
And for those waiting on boxes I have shipped please do be patient you will get them
From what I understand every package I have shipped since Monday is sitting at Oklahoma City because there are no flights going out!!
So we came home and decided to drive down by the water

wonderful camping spots and normally there are people that camp during the winter
but not this week. We live at a Great Fishing lake

That water sure looks cold and yes those are snow flakes falling

Is anyone up for a Boat Ride on the Lake?

the cold temps do not seem to be bothering the ducks
BRRRRR.........Get out of that Water!!

And this is a local fisherman see I told you the weather
Is Bone Chillin Cold LOL
This actually sits outside a fishing guides house down by the water
On the way home Shelby was getting extremely antsy
Yes she needed to go potty and was wondering why this trip was taking so long today!

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HOPE you are warm today and I hope my packages get to you soon!!


  1. Brenda~

    Lovely pics of the lake. I think most of us are in the same situation as you (all the snow). Shelby is just too cute.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  2. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    Oh those darn mail people anyway. Whatever happened to sleet, ice, snow the mail still delivers? Shoot now they pick and chose when it can be delivered. Imagine that?

    Well Ms Shelby sure is looking sweet in her precious little sweater of love. All bundled up isn't she? I love it Brenda.

    I know Lake Eufala well, and boy do those roads wind. Some of them used to be more dirt than asphalt, and it made for a really bad situation. Loved seeing the campsite shot. My Daddy was one of those Winter campers, nothing kept him off the lake for a bass fish. He fished many tournaments there. A beautiful place to be Brenda, just gorgeous.

    Hope you stay warm and cozy and some of your supplies come soon, or you can find some in a store. It's ashame you don't have a post office box, you could have picked your packages up when you drove in to mail this morning.

    Talk to you soon sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  3. Brenda, Love your snow pictures, glad you made it back alright from the post office, I don't drive in that stuff. I live in S.C. and I have waiting on a couple of packages, they are stuck somewhere outthere. Vicky

  4. Beautiful lake but narrow lake roads YIKES!!!!!drive safe that just sounds scary.Shelby looks so stinkin cute in her sweater.have a great weekend!blessings and hugs michelle

  5. LOL Brenda, shouldn't you be watching the road while you drive rather than blogging?
    Seriously, I bet you are tired of the snow and ready for some spring weather. Shelby does look cute in her sweater.

    We were stationed 9 years in OK. I remember those snow storms well! Stay warm.


  6. I dislike snow so much I would be happy to never see it again! Your Shelby is just adorable. Love the sweater!
    Have a safe weekend Brenda.
    Hugs, AMY

  7. Great pics, what devotion you have to make the drive to the post office. My aunt and uncle moved to Oklahoma City several years ago to get away from the northern winters. I think the laugh is on them. The storms keep missing us!

    Stay warm!


  8. Brenda!
    I am sure that ride was terrible, but the pics are beautiful! I so enjoyed them, seeing your neck of the woods!
    That poor fisherman"Bone chillin" too funny!
    Look at Shelby adorable, love the sweater!
    Hang in there, the mail will go SOMEDAY!LOL
    enjoy your evening

  9. Oh we are getting our fair share right here in the middle of Oklahoma. Hope your staying warm...our lil' post office is doing the best they can with what is going on. No much mail going or coming! Enjoy the pizza is sure sounds good!

  10. Brenda, I sure enjoyed this post! I had to yell for my hub to come in and see the picture of what happens when your out in "bone chillin" weather! LOL He knows all to well since he works contruction and is used to all the elements.
    Stay safe and warm and I'm sure your mail isn't the only one not getting through.

  11. Hi Brenda-Thanks for sharing the snow pictures and giving me a chuckle-love the skeleton on the 4-wheeler!
    Have a nice weekend and stay warm.

  12. The snow looks so beautiful. I cannot believe Shelby likes that snow.
    I wouldn't worry about those packages they will get there and where you sent them when they can.
    My husband is a Postmaster and for those negative comments about postal carriers not working in the snow - when it does snow he is always having to pull out the trucks stuck in the snow or going to pick them up from their snowed in homes. The carriers are only human too. I sure wouldn't want to be out there delivering mail!

  13. Brrrrrrrrrr is right. Loved the pics and Shelby looks so adorable..

  14. Oh my....I don't think I would care for the ice...we had 23 inches of plain ole blizzard snow and it took forever to dig out but oh ice please!

    Our mail carriers were not working on Wednesday and neither was UPS. Just no way to see and the snow was too deep and blowing.


  15. You do live out in the country don't you?

  16. Snort, Snort, at the skeleton and the 'bone chillin' cold!!! Lovely pics! We live on a lake, too and I understand the narrow roads but my P.O. is only 2 minutes away!!! Stay warm...I had to turn on the air conditioner in my van today!! Stop throwing tomatoes at me!!!!
    Vicky ;0)

  17. love the skelly on the tractor..that is way too that is bone chilling cold.;)

  18. Beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear about the trip to the post office.
    Shelby looks so cute in that sweater.

  19. Hi, Brenda,
    Yes...bone chilling here too...that photo made me laugh!

    You be careful driving into town on those little lake roads...I know how slippery they can be.

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  20. I love Shelby's sweater :0) Your pictures are pretty but it sure does look cold! Those poor ducks are crazy!!


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