Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peaceful morning And yet another Giveaway

WIN this sheep details in post

Good Morning what a peaceful morning it is Hubby and Shelby are still in Bed
And I am sitting here looking out my window and listening to a LARGE
Crow make a bunch of noise. The snow started melting yesterday
*AND THE MAIL came LOL, just no Fed Ex so I am still waiting for them*
Packages have reached there destinations YAY

I don't know about you but I worry when I know a customer has not yet
recieved something I have mailed. But I can say with all of the major accidents from
this last storm I understand why they can't get the mail delivered

Just yesterday I was on the phone to my son and he told me 15 minutes later
that the entire time we were on the phone he had set in one spot on the interstate and not
moved, he said mom let me call you back, and he did only to tell me there was a wreck and he had to finally kick it into 4 wheel drive and go off the side of the highway to the service road. He was late for an appointment and that is not like him he normally helps pull everyone out! He helped a highway patrolman during the snow storm
in Oklahoma City and he said that guy was so thankful to him for helping!
Even though it is not a good idea, because of the odds of tearing up a vehicle.

From what they say there is another snow fall headed our way
but that is Ok I have decided that I will not venture outside until I see the
BROWN grass again LOL.....thought I was going to say green didn't you!

Well it seems as I was putting my Sale together this month I forgot to post a couple of items I had to sell, my age is certainly showing! My mind is tired!
The above Sheep is on my Facebook page as my second giveaway of February
To sign up for him ***GO HERE***

And don't forget this Rabbit I will give him away on the 15th of February

I am working on my orders for my February Sale today so if you would still like to shop for some great prices on things
Don't forget I will be giving away three prizes on this sale and to find details
all you have to do is go to the sales page, there is more then one page on this sale so
Remember to click on Older posts
It seems I am missing a couple of emails from customers that I have on my list
So if you are buying from this sale please email you final order and include
your zip code in it, Thank you to all of my Great Customers
Hope Everyone has a Glorious Sunday


  1. Yeah, for melting snow!!!
    enjoy the day,

  2. We are getting slightly warmer temps, maybe 40, lol.
    I have had enough, myself.
    Love your new sheep, very nice piece.


  3. Brenda,

    Glad to hear that your snow is melting. Was watching the news and they said that your roads are still a mess. So glad that I live where they have the equipment to take care of the darn white stuff when it does snow...never thought I would be happy to live where it does snow often! LOL!

    Anyway, hopefully you will warm up soon and it will all melt away.


  4. Love those peaceful mornings!!
    More smow..ugg...enough is enough!
    I just love your heading picture it is so adorable!

    Cute Sheep.. he will make someone Smile..

    Stay warm and watch for the brown grass its sure to come back least tht is what I keep telling myself as I look out at a good 6" of ice covering the yard...


  5. Good Morning, Brenda,
    Yes, I like the early morning hours when everyone is still asleep here, too.

    Are you sewing today? Take care ~Natalie

  6. It's 32 here this day but I don't see much melting going on. The Super Bowl ought to be exciting just because of the weather. Not that I will be watching but Hubby will. *sigh*
    You still have my zip? 52641
    Enjoy the warmer weather. :)

  7. We're in a heatwave 40 ... but that arctic air mass will get us later this week. Don't you love mornings where there is peaceful silence ...

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

    GIVEAWAY ends Fri.

  8. Dear Rusty Thimble:
    I love your blog and am trying to get to know different people in the crafting blog community. I'm very new to this and would appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting. I am following you now and hope that you could follow me too. Keep up the good work!
    God bless you, Laura

  9. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    I had to pop over and say hello. I have posted January this evening. She is SO darn cute and also plugged your giveaway. I hope you don't mind. I just love your blog, and you of course and love sharing about your beautiful creations.

    Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry


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