Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am seeing GREEN

Good afternoon, so I am sitting here working so hard all morning on projects
And I am thinking I need to take me a break, so out comes the corn chips and dip
Not a very nourishing lunch but hey I couldn't resist LOL, had to put them away
after the dip container was half gone OMG.........What was I thinking? I do not
need to put on pounds because I have to pull out the Capri's and shorts
WE are HAVING Beautiful Weather in Oklahoma
ok yes I am rubbing it in, I know up north it got yucky for you guys again
I am looking outside *Yep all windows open* And seeing green no not grass Weeds,
in this yard we need to work on so badly!! My tiger lilies are popping up too, WOW maybe I do need to go outside it is amazing what all is starting to grow out there!!
And I am so ready to go and see this right down the road from us
And this

Ok I like the color Brown but I much rather prefer the color GREEN outside LOL
My creations do too..........oh how I long to go outside and snap pictures of them
I am giving one of these guys away it is the next post after this one
or you can just ***CLICK HERE***
read the details, I am out of the stripped denim the one I am giving aways
 is in different clothing
And thank you all that have signed up for all the wonderful comments and the emails
I get a kick out of doing Giveaways they are so much fun
OK now Everyone have a glorious Weekend, and I will think of all of you that
are not enjoying the weather like I am today
Hugs Brenda


  1. Yesterday it was beautiful here in Ohio~ but today temps dropping high is going to be in the 30's yes about 30 degrees colder from yesterday~it is windy~ the cold wind gusts~ so I can't go out in the flower beds today~ I would freeze!LOL
    Enjoy that weather~
    Cute bunny!It looks happy to be outside!

  2. Sooooo it is still like 28 degrees here....and I loooved the green there..but really I am not quite ready here LOL! OMG windows open..that does sound nice..all that fresh air clearing out the house! I need about two more months to create for I start having garden guilt! LOL!
    I adore the bunny..soooo cute!
    Hugs, Sarah

  3. Beautiful post! I love the images.

  4. LOL...Brenda...I thought those were pictures you took today. I thought holy smokes, there's leaves on her trees already, Duh Me!
    Stop by and sign up for my giveaway if you get a chance...Blessings, Traci

  5. We had two nicer days, but not that great, now it is cold and windy as heck, so another week of cold. Love you bunny in the outdoor shot, really shows him off.


  6. I like your heron or egret and the dock. Thanks for sharing your green.

  7. Ahh go ahead rub it in! We're still brown here. Good for you! Looks like a lovely setting you have there:) That'll be two laps around the house for eating those chips and dip lil lady... lol.

  8. We have cranes here, just not until it warms up to a constant 60+. The ice is out of the river. It has been pleasant enough to melt 90% of the snow. One good rain would do it.
    Daffodils are popping up. I'm sure crocuses are, too. They're just too small to be seen through all the leaves, etc. I hate spring clean-up.
    Stop and smell the roses, girlfriend!
    Again I say-you deserve a break.
    Oh, except I told Carol if I won the nesting box, I was going to ask you to make me a DUCK for it. :)

  9. You rat! It's -15 C here and the wind chill makes it feel like about -25C! Windows open? Weeds? Tiger lilies? I won't be doing or seeing any of that till May at this rate! Enjoy your warm days Brenda! Deb

  10. You have green and I have 10" of new snow, with more coming! I may have to come back to your blog to see some green!


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