Sunday, February 20, 2011

Check out This Giveaway and A Happy Customer

Good Afternoon hope everyone is having a Wonderful Sunday
I think I ruined it, yep I spoke too soon in my last post, seems we are going to get
Winter weather again starting tonight YUCK!! Just cold I hope no snow
It is Beautiful again today in the 70's Bright and Sunny the trees are all budding
And Heck another Artic Blast headed our way, hmmm I planted my Rose bushes I got for Valentine's day too, what a bummer!!!
You Have to run over to see The FIRECRACKER Kid Herself
And Check out this sweet Giveaway What a Cute Nesting Box
LOOK inside the nesting box is a chicken Carol purchased from me
No she is not including him in the giveaway but I just love it when someone posts a picture and includes one of my creations, on the post she did before the giveaway post she had a bunny inside of it that she also purchased from me
I do this often with Carol's items

This is before I crop and edit my pictures, I purchased this cubby to set on my built in desk so I could perch my small printer on top of it
and put all of my small desktop items inside to clear up my clutter
I just got a Awesome shelf for my bathroom and have not shared it yet
*Because it is sitting in the floor and HUBBY has not hung it up yet!*
If you have not shopped with Carol and Timmy you need to
I am currently on a mission of purchasing an item once a month from them

Another Customer shared on her Blog last week
*And I am so sorry Vicky I have been so swamped I have not taken the time to post*

OK so I should of went with this gal to her new home
I am so JEALOUS look at that View is it not to just die for
She is now living in sunny Florida on a Beautiful Lake
Jump on over and pay VICKY a Visit at Vicky's Art
she is an awesome painter
Thank you Vicky I am so glad you like your new Snowlady
Ok I have got to get back to work my Mail Lady is not going to be happy tomorrow
I have 10 boxes for her to pick up OUCH!!
Don't forget to sign up for the rabbit you can click on the picture in the
top right sidebar, The response is wonderful so far and most know my goal
if I reach it there will be a second place prize as well
and if the cold goes away fast I may be so Happy I will offer more


  1. Hey Brenda,

    No mail tomorrow...Presidents Day! I am jealous of Vicky's view too! Love the giveaway Carol is doing. I'll have to pop over to her blog to enter.


  2. Great idea with the Cupboard to hide small desk items! I am loving Carol's Goodes too!!!! Ordered 5 things from her a few weeks ago! Can't wait to see who wins her Chicken Coop! Love your Chicken in there!!!!!

  3. Brenda,
    Sorry for more cold on the way :( We'll get another cold spell but not anything long lasting. Heading over to see what all the fuss is about on Ficecracker Kid!! Thanks for the head's up....and I LOVE the chicken!

  4. We all love the chicken but I am anxious to see the white duck for when I win that nest box!

  5. Pretty darn cool Brenda:) I'm glad to hear you got your shelf for the bathroom. I love using your softies as staging props! Thanks for the plug gal:)

  6. Sorry your lovely weather has gone MIA, I didn't send you the cold weather, honest! Love Carol's giveaway nesting box, I told her when I entered that I would have to get you to make me one of your chickens if I win 'cause she looks so darn perfect in there! Stay warm girl! Deb


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