Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shelby likes it

Well for the past few days they have said that the moisture coming in from Texas and the cold coming from the north was going to collide and create winter weather for us.
SURPRISE *The weather folks were finally correct LOL*
I got up at 5:00 AM this morning and listened to it sleet until 7:30
Then the next thing I look out and it is snowing
We have had lovely weather so far this year
Now last year we had already had our fair share of Ice Storms and Snow by now

Naturally Shelby does not go out even if it is raining Gee she is PICKY
So Hubby went out with her, so she jumped right on out into the mess
And I am shocked she liked it

Oh my word she is DIRTY
*the results of me not feeling well enough to bathe her*
Normally her legs are white like the snow

Now when she got in the yard she went wild running around in circles
But When she came in she was Cold and Frozen LOL
But now all cozy, toasty and rolled up in Dad's lap
It is getting deeper out there and has not let up yet
They claimed 3 inches but I do believe we may get more then that
OK so I am ready for SPRING
I was just thinking I could handle it staying in the 60's until spring and we could just
bypass Winter all together and I would be one happy lady
I need to convince hubby to drive me down to the water this evening so I
can get some pictures of the snow
Making a Pot of Chili and staying nice and warm


  1. we are expecting snow this week too..will see what we get..hope you are feeling better and staying nice and toasty..our dog loves the snow too..:)

  2. Wow! You got quite a bit already! Well guess what Brenda... it finally made it here. We have snow flurries now. We never did get the sleet. I guess it died down before it got this far. My schnauzer, Pepper loves the snow too. He hates the rain but loves his bath. Silly doges, aren't they.

    If you go out and get some pictures, be very careful! Enjoy the chili, yum!

  3. Brenda,

    Shelby does seem to like the snow if her pictures are any indication. She reminds me of a little excited to be playing in, but then when they are cold, they are cold! Snuggle up and stay in where it's toasty.

    They say that it's heading my way, and it can go up the coast just really far out as far as I;m concerned.


  4. Shelby is such a precious cutie!
    Loved watching her outside!
    Brr keep warm

  5. Your Shelby and my Schultz would have sooooo much fun playing together in the snow.

  6. I loved seeing the pic's of Shelby in the snow. I have 2 Blue Heelers and they love the snow but my Chihuahua is another story. he looked out at the first storm of the season and just said, "call me in April when it is gone" and then he ran back up stairs to bed...hehehe!! Have to carry him out and clean off a spot for him.

  7. Looks like Shelby loves it! My two fur babies love it too.

  8. AWw, I knew Shelby would like the snow. Oh boy, a big ole pot of chili sounds great on a cold winter's day. Thanks for the idea gal:)

  9. Here in my house we have been hold up with some virus..First me, coughing terribly, now Mr.Couple with a headful. Mom just had about 2 bad days and then she pops back,tough old bird.Be glad to see you back and hope you feel great soon. Not fun.


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