Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh My Word I Got a SWEET gift in the Mail

Well after a long evening of coughing everything but my tonsils up
one side is clear *sorry for the detailed info there LOL*
But it made me feel so much better this morning only one side is now closed off
and I mean that!! Makes it difficult to breathe but hey with one side open I am like new
So I hit the sewing machine today and actually got some items sewn up
And Boy am I happy to be doing something besides sitting around and feeling like
It may be my last day to sit around!!
We were starting to worry that I may have the P stuff YUCK nope can't spell it and I am too darn excited to google it
BECAUSE when hubby came in from work he was toting a box
Now this box was wrapped yes on the outside with Christmas paper
Let's backup to November *I gave away 12 ornaments in November on my blog*
The Winner of those ornaments was Patti of Raspberry Lane Primitive Treasures
And she sent me a gift *well one box full of several gifts*
THANK you PATTI you are so SWEET
I know I know I have an issue grabbing my camera first
You should of seen the Christmas paper *It was perfect not torn or anything*
But it isn't now so I was so excited I ripped it right on off of this box

Inside of this box was this
OK so One Nostril is better then none and I am at this point really Smelling GOOD stuff
So when my nose is totally function able WOW is all I can say

Excuse my messy table at this point I am totally out of my mind with pure excitement
And I was not taking the time to stage any great shots!
Just look at how precious they are all packaged OH Patti You outdid yourself

I got three bags of fixins

*2 bags of Tarts*A painted snowman Ornie*A Handmade snowman*
*A bottle of Room SPRAY*
Keep reading because I am including a link to Patti's Web site oh my gosh
THIS stuff is DEVINE you just gotta jump over and pay her a visit!!

*A Battery Operated grubby candle*A Notepad*
*And a Rusty heart tin  with a votive candle*
*And I love the chenille Hearts and Candy Canes*
Thank you Patti from the bottom of my heart you are a very special friend
I will treasure these goodies forever
Go see Patti's site and all the goodies she offers
After all of this I turn around and say hello to my hubby and ask him how his day was
*His response* "Oh and now you are happy to see me" LOL


  1. What a sweet boxful of pretties you got there. Glad to hear that at least half of you is feeling better.


  2. That was really sweet of Patti and a nice surprise for you today. Always a nice pick me up when we are sick.


  3. What a wonderful bag of goodies, and a great surprise! Get well, and happy sewing!

  4. So glad you like your surprises!
    Good to hear you are getting better too!

  5. WOW!!
    What a wonderful surprise goodie package!!

  6. I think all that sweetness in the box of gifts will completely and quickly cure you.

  7. What a great surprise to get when you were feeling under the weather.
    So many nice goodies. Hope you are all better soon.

  8. What? No Partridge in a Pear TREE??? That was a lovely surprise, though. :~) Hope you get feeling better soon!

  9. What a wonderful box of goodies - how sweet of Patti! So glad you are feeling better.


  10. What a great package!!! Patti is so sweet. I hope you feel better soon!!

  11. How sweet.. Lucky you.. I too have had the skuzz since dec 28.. I am better now but was down for days. Still coughing some.. I will hop over to her blog and visit..
    Get well soon.
    Don't ya love getting treasures??

  12. Aw, so very sweet of Patti! I love her, she is such a sweetheart! I love those snowmen she makes, they have such a sweet grin! She sent you lots of wonderful goodies. Enjoy it Brenda, you deserve it!

  13. Love the tissue paper, wish i could find some. HUGS MARY

  14. Wow what a wonderful surprise package!
    Glad to hear you are half way back to normal.

  15. Oh my heavens you got primitive smellies. Yay... it's a good thing one side was open so you could take in all those prim scents:)
    Your hubby's response sounds like my hubbys:) LOL.

  16. wow did you get spoiled..what wonderful little treasures and when you needed them most.;)

  17. Wow ..........what wonderful goodies you got to put a SMILE on your face......I'm glad you are feeling better......NOW GET SEWING :)

  18. What a wonderful box of goodies you got there. Glad you are feeling better and I can't wait to see what you are sewing up!!

  19. Wow what a Blessing to get such a wonderful package. The contents look amazing! Just found your blog from Brenda's. Really like it and will be back to read more posts. Hope you are feeling better.

  20. Such wonderful goodies!
    Get well Soon!
    Kick that dirty old bug!LOL


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