Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update to This Mornings Post

OK so I figured while I was hot on the trail to cleaning I would continue to work on it
After all I feel like if I stop I won't get up and move for a MONTH, I am sore and tired!
*If you did not see this mornings pictures look at the last post*
I decided I did not want to go out and buy Baskets right now until I see what I need so
Yes I moved it all but could not budge the Big Heavy Shelf so I just left it

Now this is not my Idea of a set up but it will have to do for now
It is much better then I had And LOOK I am now all in one room
Yes the much dreaded Job of unloading those last totes is still something
I have to Tackle!  Wish I could Twitch my Nose and they would be all done!!

I even marked things so I would know what was where!!
OH my I am ready to sit down and get back to creating, I can't seem to stay
away from it but a couple of days and I feel lost!!
I purchased a Pattern at the End of my Last Special Monthly online Sale and
I wanted to share him with you
He is Sold Thank you Lynn
I just love this Guy he was so much Fun to Make
Thank you for checking out the changes I made today
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for my Giveaway
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  1. OMG this is what i have to do to this room. It's a mess with so many projects right now and my closet, well I'm lucky I know where things are.

  2. Boy oh boy, do I need your energy, look what you accomplished already!! My house looks like your before pics but I've GOT to get cleaning so I can get the house decorated...arghh, where does the time go?! :O) You're an inspiration girl, thanks for giving me a virtual kick in the butt! Deb

  3. Well that certainly is an improvemnet.. wow. but if you are like me soon as I start creating it all goes bonkers.. Love the newbie, somebody got a real treasure..

  4. You did a great job and since you organized it you have a better idea of where to find it again. You sure do need more room though.

  5. Wow, You were busy>>busy!
    Looks better, more organized!
    The doll is so cute!

    enjoy your evening,

  6. Great job on the elf patt; Brenda Sanger makes the best patterns!

  7. Thank you ladies, OOPS I fixed dinner and set down that is it I am a goner LOL.......oh my back hurts. Funny Deb you should of seen it all when I started, it was in my kitchen cabinets in the living room in shelves etc.

  8. You fit more in one space and more neatly than I do with 2 rooms, lol.


  9. Wow! That is a lot of fabric and supplies! And it looks so neat! I think we all know how hard that is to keep up! :+)

  10. can't twitch your nose..............and finish that job.......??? You need an extra set of HANDS like I have!!!!!LMBO! Check out my latest blog post!!!


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