Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giveaway & What I have been up to

Good Morning gee I have been busy!!
Today is the Last day to sign up for my Giveaway

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It seems every year about this time, after my Christmas selling season slows down
my house looks like someone took it and turned it upside down and then back over again LOL. I get so busy I have to start letting stuff pile into corners until I am done and then it is time to clean up!! Well as some know we got this home and I went right into sewing and never took time to organize, decorate,
 or unpack some boxes for that matter.

We opted to purchase a one bedroom?? Gee here I am still without a studio to create in
You know the kind you can just close the door and then walk back in to the project you have going, yes the one you left strewn out on your work table!!!
When we moved in I had taken one wall in my kitchen and filled it full of supplies,
 my sewing machine was back in my bedroom
I would get things ready to sew in the kitchen run back to the bedroom stitch them up and then back to the kitchen!!
Well I am proud to announce I have a real kitchen now
But no pictures to share!! YET but soon
Where did I put all the mess at? Back in my bedroom it is a jungle now
My sewing machine is setup in the living room
Gosh will I ever get it all together??

My next chore now is to move all of this I am turning everything around in my bedroom to make more room I am getting baskets to put in all of my cubbies to organize my supplies because this is not all of it !!
I have big totes stuck in my closet all packed neatly with fall and Christmas supplies
and oh my I still have these to go through

I need HELP I confess I am a hoarder
Every scrap every strip of fabric small pieces of this and that you know what I mean!!
I just can't seem to throw things away I know I will use it on something!!
So I am going to Iron all of this and organize it?? That will be a CHORE!
Good news is this spring our carport will be converted into a building which means
my 10 x 20 storage building is going to be turned into a guest house so company will have a place to stay!! And I will have it set up to where I can store some of my stuff out there until we can build a room on for my studio

I sent a gift to a friend for Christmas She has gotten it so I wanted to share

I will take orders on these gals
I just will not be able to send them out for a couple of weeks
Have a Great Day


  1. Good Morning Brenda Sweetie...
    Such a precious share. I love it that others have little corners of love that pile up as they craft along each day. At the end of the week I seem to have that pile cleaned up, and then the next week another accumulates.

    I am SO in love with this little snow queen. She is SO gorgeous. Please send me the pricing on her. I may be spending my Christmas money this year after all. Her eyes captured my heart.

    Well sweetie, I hope you take time to breath in between. I know our orders have kept you busy. I hope your sales were good enough to put a little money in your pocket purse as well.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  2. OH my......I have 5 bedrooms here and its way to want a few rooms????? LMBO! My studio is so bad right now I can't find a thing...its so frustrating to work this way....but I know what you mean about the "busy crafting season". I can't wait to get things cleaned up and organized wonder you have been so have been real busy there organizing all that.....wish I lived closer I would have given you a HAND!!!!!!LMBO! Last but not LEAST...........I AM SO HAPPY that I was the LUCKY one who received that darling snow girl......she looks adorable in my living room.........I'm even impressed with the picture....did you hire a photographer???? LOL! OK I need to get some painting done!

  3. Oh boy Brenda, you are gonna be busy:) Wow, that is a beautiful dolly! Hope your finger is much much better:)

  4. She is adoable,, so cute and love her dress. I can appreciate a place to craft as now I have a whole room and try to keep it organized. I think you are even more amazing than I thought. Your work is over the top and I really love all that you do. Have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you lots of energy.. lol Can't wait to see more pics

  5. Brenda, you tire me out!! I LOVE the Snow Lady! She's so beautiful and would also be interested in her price. I wouldn't need her until after the holidays. Good luck with the organizing. I've almost got my completely put away until the new year. Hope your finger is better!

  6. I thought I was bad with my supplies all over, lol.
    I need to do a clean out myself, but will have to wait. Love that snow lady and the dress is beautiful.


  7. Hehehe....Brenda, I just think hoarding comes natural to any true crafter. My great grandma was that way and everytime Mom and I are in the craft store buying more fabric or buttons or ribbon, I say that Nana is looking down smiling!

    Your snowgirl is just adorable!

  8. Goodness Brenda, you have a lot of supplies! That's one good thing about what I do with the stitching, floss doesn't take up much room :0) Thank goodness because I don't have any to spare!

    Your snowgirl is super sweet!

  9. The little/big snow lady you made is adorable. Those eyes are riveting.

    We have a 300 sq ft place in Florida and the same in NC so Don pays for a hotel for anybody that visits family wise because he says that's cheaper than buying a bigger place to live.

    Don't know if I totally agree

  10. Wow, Brenda you have quite a bit of have me beat...hope you get to take some time for yourself soon. I just love that snowgirl you made. Is she your own pattern? Her eyes are gorgeous. I made a couple of dolls with painted eyes this spring and they sold right away
    Take care,

  11. Thank you for the comments ladies. I have worked so hard but it is so worth it!!


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