Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Little Helper Has been Sick

My Shelby was getting so scruffy looking I took her yesterday for one of
Her Big Girl Haircuts
*She does not like that place or the fact that I leave her*
Yesterday was no exception although she did cry worse then before and she was not Happy at all the lady said she cried the entire time she was there
When I picked her up, she could not get close enough to me riding home?
She would not leave my side, she acted Scared?
When we got home yesterday she appeared to be okay? But she would not eat or drink a thing, well in the early evening she started throwing up, and throwing up again!!
This is Shelby when she is groomed and on any given day she is so playful and Happy
This is Shelby this morning

We had a Rough Night
Shelby is 9 Months Old she always sleeps with us
Last night how ever when she woke me up the first time trying to throw up
*whew I got up and put her on the bathroom floor thank goodness*
We get her soft side cage and decide maybe she needs to spend the night in it
That did not work, Normally she throws a fit and does not like it
Last night she just whimpered lightly and wanted out of there, so hubby gets up and puts it on two chairs so she can be at bed level with me, that did not please her
So I put her back in bed with us
Yes she woke me up again getting sick, This time I put her in the cage and she just laid down and curled up in a blanket
Well she woke me up 2 other times getting sick
Each time getting up to clean it up change her bed out and blanket and to wash her face
Yep mom has a pile of Towels and Blankets to Wash today
I was up with every noise she made last night *I am sure sleepy this morning*
when we got up this morning she seemed to be perky and acted normal, and she did drink some water?
I was so relieved but now as the picture shows she still is sickly!!
I am waiting for the groomers to open this morning to find out if they used something different on her?? Hubby said if she throws up this morning to take her on in to the Vet
If not to Call them as soon as they open?? We are so lucky to have a vet in a small town where you can go in anytime
I do believe it was her nerves that made her sick she does not like the groomers
and after yesterday I don't think I do Either??
You know how it is when you go to get a hair cut yourself and if the person performing this is in an upside down mood *You have made a mistake?*
I know I have had one of those experiences
Well yesterday when I took her to the groomers, there are normally three people in there
This lady was alone and it normally takes two hours
She informed me she did not know how long it would take, She was not in a good mood at all...........well about one hour and 40 minutes later she calls and Shelby is done? When I go back she is still alone???? Still in a bad mood too???
Shelby Will not be going back to see this lady!! I noticed yesterday when she removes one from a cage, she does not clean out the cage, she just puts another one in there!
She did not even look in the cage to make sure the one in there previously had not left a mess if you know what I mean!!!
And Shelby is a hand full to groom I have watched!! Now how did this lady get her done so FAST? When she had a Room full of other dogs to do??
Makes you wonder? Do they use something to calm them down
Oh shame on me to second hand guess what could of caused the problem
I just pray that my Little Shelby Girl will be Ok, And back to her normal Self SOON!


  1. Whoa........ that does not sound good,, Hope you find out something soon. and Shelby gets better..But being that sick is unreal??
    Doggy prayers for Shelby..

  2. Brenda - please keep us posted on how Shelby is doing....poor little thing.

  3. Oh Brneda Sweetie...
    Not Shelby. Oh I will be sending some prayers up for her right away. I am looking at that little face and wondering too, if she could have given her something. You know little critters know when someone doesn't like them, or they aren't nice people, and I think Shelby was telling you. Oh bless her little heart. No more trips there. You must find a new place for her.

    Let me know what the Vet says. He will know what the problem is. Prayers sweet friend, many prayers.

    I will check back later. Many hugs and SO much love, Get better soon Shelby. Love, Sherry

  4. Oh how I feel for you...I have a Schnauzer who is my baby his name is Sammy...he also cries when I am not with him and does not like going to the groomer and you could tell if you saw him right now...he has had seizures since we got him so I worry when he gets nervous that is it going to cause him to have a seizure...I will say a prayer for your baby as I know how much my Sammy means to me....Laura

  5. wow, Brenda...I'm so sorry for little shelby. I wouldn't put it past someone to do something like that. Years ago my husband had his dalmation at the groomers and he walked in hearing the lady yelling @ her and I think she even hit her! My husband didn't say anything..I would have went ballistic! Needless to say she never went back there again. I am leary of groomers being too ruff and even hurting our dogs. I dropped a groomer because she caused an infection of both our dogs who were groomed on the same day...think she didn't sanitize her tools and they both got a terrible infection for 2 wks. I just found another groomer but haven't been there yet-my mother has though and liked her. I want to stay with my dogs just as I stayed with my kids at the doctors office when they were little...same difference, I say...their my babies and I want to protect them. Shelby's definitely acting like she was hurt in some way...I'm so sorry for her! Just stay with her next time, if possible.

  6. Brenda~~~ Poor thing..We've had more than one bad experience with groomers, ourselves. Scotty is a sweet natured dog, one time a gal was yelling at him and pushing him around, made me SOOO angry. Another time (diifferent place) they sedated him..and the LAST time, was at PetSmart. That gal was having a crappy day,I could just tell, she YANKED him out of the cage he was in and tore his nail completely off. He had to go on all kinds of meds, had to wear bandages, and I had to change them 2 times a day, he bled for days, and was so scared and traumatized. And they did not even apologize, just paid his vet bill and made us feel like it was our fault. Finally, when he was healed, it took a LONG time, I called our vet and got a recommendation from him. He takes his dog to this woman, she does in out of her home. She is AWESOME. Scotty shakes a like a leaf when we take him, but she really pampers him and is so kind to him. ASK your vet. They usually know good people to trust. I hope your baby feels better, she is a sweetie!!

  7. praying for Shelby that she gets to feeling better very soon! she is lucky to have a "mama" who cares so much for her.

  8. I'm so sorry about Shelby. It sounds like she's been traumatized by the groomer?? I hope she gets better ASAP. I totally agree with Diana about asking your vet about groomer recommendations.

    I have seen a lady groomer in our area that comes to your home to groom your dog. Maybe there is a service like that in your area.

    Praying for your sweet pooch!

    Blessings from Jessica

  9. Oh Brenda,
    I am so sorry to hear about little Shelby!I hope she is feeling much better by now and back to her normal happy self!! Give her an extra hug for me :0)

  10. Hmmm it does make you wonder what went on there while you were gone....poor baby, I hope she gets to feeling better quickly!!

  11. I would be so afraid of her geting dehydrated from the vomiting.....please take her to the vet to have her checked out...better safe than sorry.....Julie just had a very bad experience with Pet Smart grooming Max.....they dropped him and didn't tell her and cut him.......he had to be on meds etc.........find a new groomer or a grooming van that will come to our home. I'm hoping Shelby will be better n soon.


  12. Awww...not sweet Shelby! She can't be sick...better get her checked by the vet just to be sure everything is ok with her. Hopefully she'll bounce back and be good as new.


  13. I hope Shelby is better soon. Mini-schnauzers can have digestive issues once in a while...your vet will be able to help.

    Our mini-schnauzer started going through a constant stomach upset, w/ bouts of vomiting every few weeks. Vet put him on a probiotic thing that helped, and after that I began to order a probiotic powder from Pet Meds...he's been SOOOO much better ever since.

    Hugs. I know how helpless you feel when your four-legged baby is down like that.

  14. I would find another groomer.
    I worked with groomers for a few years and some are not dog people, just there to make money.


  15. Oh Brenda, I'm sorry Shelby is not feeling well. I'd be leary of this groomer and would definately take Shelby to the vets as a precaution. I had a chocolate lab that I had to kennel once for three days and he wound up in the vet hospital after only being there for a few hours. They did not even call me to say he was sick. I found out when I came back to pick him up. He was so homesick for days- throwing up, not eating etc. I never left him at a kennel again. Like you, my dogs are my kids and when they are hurting you hurt too. Praying she feels better soon.

  16. Brenda, get him checked at the vet. He may have sustained some internal injuries at the groomers from the sounds of her bad attitude and mood. I sure hope she is alright. You're gonna have to add pet groomer to your title now and take care of lil Shelby yourself:)

  17. Praying for the sweet little angel. Please take him to a vet!

  18. Shelby is such a beautiful girl, I hope she feels better soon. I'd hate to think someone would give them something to groom them..take care of her and yourself..



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