Friday, December 17, 2010

The snowlady is For Sale and Christmas VERY simple

*Yes she is for Sale* If you are interested my email is on the top left side of my blog
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Well my great intentions for this year just did not pan out as planned LOL
Decorate? I sure have enjoyed every one's blogs so decided to celebrate Christmas Decor by blog hopping this year so I set today with hot spice tea and I have searched and found so many wonderful homes all decked out for Christmas, thank you for sharing with me, Now I do not have to clean up and put everything away this year!
I had hoped to do some house decorating in general this year and just did not get it done as intended. I did move all of my sewing supplies to my bedroom and claimed my Kitchen for it's true purpose, although it has always served that, one thing I have realized after many years of sewing, no matter what I pile up in my Kitchen, it does not prevent me from preparing meals, or doing dishes
So our plans were to get a decent sized REAL Tree and we just did not do it.
We do not have company for Christmas or do a large meal because we normally go to see family on Christmas Day so this is my decorating
Yep it is none other then the little tree I have used to snap pictures of items for sale  And yes it is sitting on my dining room table. And No doubt it has fishing things on it HELLO we live at a lake, and I have been out numbered on the idea of decorating yes all have voted for a lake cabin in decor

Notice it is standing by my window and there are ornaments all around it
*Ignore the Ugly Curtain topper that came with this home*
In the near future this window will have Wood Wide Slat Blinds on it and a Box Shelf Above it, Then I will make a Curtain to hang with a decorative rod!!
I WILL decorate I WILL get this done!
And since Santa did not bring us new Recliners and a Wonderful Shelf for our TV
*And Hubbies Large TV*
I will be having a Sale towards the End of January
I am currently working on Spring Items and I am excited to share those with you

So be sure and sign up for my monthly online Sale simply email me with Sale in the Subject Line to participate Because all proceeds LOL will go for furniture from my first Sale of 2011 *With the Exception of Hubbies TV*
He will have to do that one on his own.
I did not have ornaments so I dug through an old box and found the fishing stuff from the lodge tree I had at my store, Hey it works
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Warm day it got real cold and it is snowing North of us, but they say it won't stick because of the warm ground temp, and it will be back in the 60's by Monday YAY!!!


  1. Love the tree and decorations.
    I did small ones, but mostly for the sake of kitty amusement;)


  2. All I have up this year is one just like yours in a galvanized bucket and decorated with my Mom's old Christmas cookie cutters.
    A few little things around the house and that's it for us this year. I'm sad I didn't do my usual but next year will be different.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. What I really like is that it is in that tub.. lol so cute..I love my tree and all that adorns it.

  4. Hey the "cabin" themed tree since you do live on a lake so that's very apropo! the rate I'm going, I'll be sending you bunny ornies to go on that tree!! I just put up my "real" tree that we've had for over a lights or ornies yet. Oh my poor son...I will get it done by sunday though! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hey, I LIKE the fishing stuff. :~) We have a tiny tree, too. I've got a room for crafting/sewing, but my kitchen table always ends up as "the station" for all the crap we drag in, paperwork to do, etc, and we eat on the couch. (Bad habit!)

    Hope your holiday is lovely, and you get to spend time with the ones you love.

  6. Love your lake themed tree. Wishing you a blessed Holiday.



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