Thursday, November 4, 2010

Updated Picture of Occupational Hazards LOL

have had my shots I will be fine..........tender for awhile I am sure I Warn you the below picture may make you SICK I know it has me SICK with pain LOL
The redness is gone I do think it was because I wrapped it up so tight when I first did it
yes the drill bit went all the way under my nail and out the side...thus why it is so tender
I asked hubby to bring me home a new drill bit because that was the last one I had that size LOL his reply "I don't think you need one but ok!!" LOL
does anyone have a extra left hand I can use so I can get back to work LOL
I am trying to get my mind off of the pain hmmmmm
I am proud to announce that I got 5more items finished today just disgusted because it should of been ten! I am so mad at myself for doing this!!
Hubby said he is buying me a vice!! And he is bringing dinner home YAY LOL


  1. Ohhh Yuck!My little boo dog did that to his claw yesterday and hubby keeps saying look at it after 15 gazzillion looks and no changes I'm tired of looking..Not much you can do but suffer through it and keep it clean.Hope you feel better once the sting settles down.Healing hugs!~Amy

  2. Oh you had to gross me out, lol.
    I think of that when I am using the saw, but so far only my husband got cut on it. Today I want to punch but my hand seems to be going into high pain zone, so goofing off for now and then will use it, pain or not.


  3. Oh goodness Brenda! Ouch!! I hope your finger heals up quickly!!

  4. OH I assure you it looks worse now this was right after it happened LOL Thank you everyone going to go clean it again and put neosporin on it wrap it up and get back to work...hmm that may be hard to do with one hand


  5. What we go through for our customers...blood, sweat and tears!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Brenda,

    Maybe you should take it easy for today and let it heal some, so you can get back to work tomorrow. I would lend you might left hand, but then how would I get anything painted?

    Hope it heals quickly.


  7. I think you should definitely take it easy today and rest.

  8. Oh, I wish I could help you out!

    Yes take it easy!

    A few years back I stepped on a spike, old rusty, oh my, I remember pulling the thing out of my Nike, trying to think of something else! Then taking my shoe off, yuk, the pain! I hobbled up to the house from the barn & called my husband at work( just to talk to someone!)
    Oh girl, take care,plenty of TLC for you!

  9. Oh boy, peroxide, and I was gonna say Mercurochrome, but I guess it's been outlawed. Oh and pain pills!

  10. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get better soon!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. oh I so just cringed just now looking at the heck did you do that.;) I you get to feeling better soon.;)

  12. Oh, Ouchies!!! I bet t hat really hurt. I sure hope that it is healed and pain-free soon! ~Leena~

  13. Ouch! I hope you are pain free and better soon ;)

  14. Ouchie! I hope your ok!?! Who says this job isn't dangerous lol!

  15. Oh, Brenda! I am SOOOOOO sorry! Honey, you DH should have brought you a drill press home instead of a new bit! I hope you are pain free and heal fast SOON!!

  16. Oh My!!! I hope it heals fast and that the pain goes away soon.


  17. Ouch...don't ya hate it when something like that happens! Sending you wishes for a quick heal and pain relief...Blessings, Traci

  18. We all need good hubbies like yours,, I have one of those and love it

  19. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Well, at least you're getting dinner out of it! Hope you're healed soon (and get that tetanus shot please!) Deb

  20. Ouch Brenda! Now I'm afraid to use my drill. I'll know to be more careful. Hope it gets better soon, Valerie


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