Thursday, November 4, 2010


Advice Do not Put A Drill Bit through your finger oh my gosh......I love my customers LOL as soon as the Pain subsides and I stop shaking all over I will get back to sewing all of these items for my sale LOL..and gee it is hard to type with one hand. At least I injured my left hand!!!
While drilling holes in rusty hearts and stars I decided I needed a hole in my finger right on the bottom of my fingernail right at the cuticle *oh yeah that will look perfert BRENDA Duh!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it hurts so bad it went into the finger almost out the other side LOL. isn't it amazing how fast we think it broke my drill bit and all I could do was yank it out. I almost passed out LOL....I have that towel wrapped so tight I do not know if I have circulation or not!!!!!!!! It is throbbing so bad

Ok I think I will CRY now be back later my towel is turning RED!!! don't forget my giveaway just keep reading the posts it is down like three or click the picture in th sidebar


  1. OMGosh Brenda!!!!!!! I can't even imagine how painful that must be. In such a sensitive area too. :(
    Although my finger is now throbbing in sympathy for you. Did you have to go to the Dr.? Have you had a tetanus shot within the last 10 years? Please take care - you don't want to get an infection.

  2. OUCH............I feel your pain I was trying to push RUSTY , yes rusty wire thru a hole in a snow man and the end of the wire went right thru the skin on thumb...right hand of course....and also slice open the side of my pointer finger.........its starign to heal but keeps opening careful!!!!!!!!!

  3. That I have never done and hope I never do, that must hurt like heck. Yes, get a tetanus if you haven't had one in awhile, not worth taking chances.


  4. Hey, you be careful out there.. This is not the time to get careless, I am speaking like your Mother?? Be sure to have it looked at and have you had your tetnus? Just take some down time and regroup?? I know I am bossy..

  5. Good Morning Brenda Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what on earth? Don't you just hate it when you hurt yourself doing something that was fun? Make sure you cleaned that out really good sweetie and keep a good eye on it.

    I felt your pain clean down to my toes when I saw your photo. I am so sorry sweet friend. Here is a bandaid and also a cup of tea. I'll be back with a little loaf of banana nut bread.

    I love ornament #2 almost as much as ornament #1. You my friend are just a ball of talent. I can't wait for my snowman to arrive. I am going to do a post on him and your giveaway at the same time. Is that okay?

    Have a gorgeous day sweetie. Please be more careful. I bet you won't do that again. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  6. OOOOOOH!!! Bless your heart. I could hardly stand to read about what happened. The pain...ooohhhh, but I bet you'll just keep working anyway. We craftsmen are like that, aren't we? I delayed surgery for a torn rotator cuff 5 months last year so I could get through my Christmas season.

  7. OWWWWW! This had to hurt! Hope you don't end up going to the Doctor!!!

  8. Ouch!
    I did that a couple of weeks ago, Only I took the whole tip of finger off! I thought it was healed till I saw yours, now it hurts for you!
    Ice helps!

    we need rubber drill bits with finger guards and insurance and extra band aids and hugs from Mom ect......... or at least I do!

  9. Brenda,

    OMG! OUCH! I've drilled myself more than once and boy does it hurt. Sorry that you did that. I would tell you to be more careful, but I think you will be, at least for a bit. Take a tylenol or two as it may help the pain some. Also ice may help control the swelling if there is any.

    And yes, it is amazing what we do without thinking. Hope you have a better day.


  10. Oh my gosh Brenda! That had to really hurt. I tried sewing my finger with the sewing machine last year, looked just like your finger does now. But the drill bit is bigger than a sewing machine needle so I'm sure you are in lots of pain! Make sure you keep putting stuff on it so it doesn't get infected.
    Take care and stay away from dangerous things!

  11. Right now I think everything is dangerous for me LOL....ty ladies the bit did go through after just cleaning it It went in the top of my nail and out the side of my finger.....dang it that was the last bit I had in that size I need more but dare I go to the tiny hardware store in town cause those men would laugh at me and I might have to hurt someone LOL

  12. Oh Brenda, I hope it stops hurting soon and you feel better!

  13. Oh, my,
    I feel the pain!
    Get it better soon!

  14. Oh, that gives me chills up my spine looking at your finger. Poor girl... I tried that once with my foot. Luckily the drill just bounced off my bone and didn't go into it.
    Take care of that and get it healed quickly.

  15. OH MY GOSH....I know that is painful!
    Please be careful with those power
    tools! I hope you heal up fast!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  16. Oh wow Brenda!Hang in there sweetie.Maybe you should go see a doc if it came out the other side.Dont push yourself too hard .blessings michelle

  17. OH DAMN!
    that does not look good.

    hope it is feeling better soon!

    my finger is hurting in sympathy.

    Boo Boo Hugs

  18. Have mercy!!! That was so bad, but could have been so much worse...many prayers for you to be on the mend SOON!

  19. OMG BRENDA.. OMG... OUWIEEEE... aww.. man that's gonna hurt for a while.. gosh, take care :( hugs.. robin

  20. OMG Brenda, I can't begin to imagine how painful that must be! Go get your shots right now, lord knows where that drill bit has been! Hope you are on the mend soon and stop bleeding!!!! Deb

  21. Yikes! I've had my share of craft battle wounds - even w/a drill bit - but this one tops mine! I can't even begin to imagine how scary and painful that was! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and back to the things you love.


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