Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tweaking for the Season

Now on Etsy ***HERE***
Good Morning I have been changing blogs this morning adding Christmas music
and Banners, thought it may help me get into the mood a little better to create all these snowmen on this glorious sunny Warm day.
I can't believe all the wicked bad weather lately? Tornadoes and stuff!! Isn't it October
and almost November LOL!!
Hope you are having a wonderful week


  1. Morning Brenda,
    Love the Santa!!
    We have had the crazy weather here is Southern IL also.
    We all got woke up a 6 AM this morning with the towns tornadoe warning sirens going off.
    Luckily, nothing come of it.
    But it was scary because it was still dark outside, so I couldnt see the sky.

  2. Brenda,

    Christmas music? Already? LOL! It isn't even Halloween yet!

    You all are sure having some horrible weather. We've been unseasonably warm here for this time of the year and it's been sunny. Been out getting some needed garden work done each day. That way it will all be cleaned up out there.

    Stay safe and I guess if this helps you creativity...Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!


  3. Tammy so glad you are ok. LOL Dee you think the Let it Snow will help? Think about it it is now less then two months till Christmas!! Gee where did this year go to LOL

  4. The Santa is cute!
    It is HO HO HO!
    Getting in the Spirit!
    Be careful with this nasty weather!

  5. I love your wonderful Santas! Hope the weather is better today! Ours is a little rainy but not the bad storms! ♥

  6. I'm holding out until after Thanksgiving. We are very low key here around Christmas. In fact, I prefer to decorate for winter and not Christmas these days. My kids decorate for Christmas and we go to their homes for our celebrations. I gave each of them one of our trees and enough lights and ornaments to make them special parts of their children's memories, just as they are of theirs. I am happy to see all my decorations being used and I don't have to put them away!
    I do put out my snowmen and mittens and scarves and ice skates and evergreen.......

  7. I've been working on goodies for my Christmas show...so I'm in the mood for Christmas music too.

    We had lots of tornado warnings here in Ohio today...had to spend some time in the basement. My little granddaughter said that they had to get under their desks at school when the sirens went off. Didn't seem much like October today!!

  8. Love the Santa, Brenda! The weather is crazy right now. We could sure use some serious rain!


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