Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boxes Filled Full of Love A Gift and A Swap

Ok so let me start this out by first saying I have been so lucky to have found some
Great Friends online and I treasure those friendships so much!
I just got Two boxes in the Mail today and they held some wonderful goodies!

I have found a TRUE Friend in them both, the first one I will share is from a
Wonderful Lady someone who I seem to share so many common things with it
is sometimes simply amazing! Lynn you have been so good to me
*please note when you see Lynns extras I throw in on a sale it is because she
is always doing things like this* I recently got a BIG box of that wonderful hard to come by saw Dust just wonderful for pinkeeps!! and now look at what she sent me
I have had a horrible time finding wool for snowmen this year
I sit without a vehicle until just the past couple of weeks and thus now all garage sales around here have come to a Stop to say the least! It is so far to the nearest town to buy any kind of fabric or find any great consignment shops or even Good will for that matter! So Lynn sent me several FABULOUS wool skirts she was getting rid of

I am pulling out skirts and a Awesome velvet jacket and with all the OH'S and AH'S
between the last two was this ADORABLE Face looking at me
so I let out a SCREAM of Excitement LOL
ISN'T he the GREATEST thank you Lynn from the bottom of my heart
there will have to be a SPECIAL snowman in this for you
I am so Thrilled and Happy Big Hugs Girlfriend
Click *****HERE***** She is so Talented and you can also
Click *****HERE***** to buy patterns from her

Now when I first started back online a little over a year ago my first sale on Etsy
was from the sweetest gal Carol, she is packed full of encouragement and has a Heart that is so giving and sharing! On my last sale I did a Swap with Carol for one of her and Timmy's Custom built Cabinets
*Sorry the picture is taken in the chair I have to wait for hubby to hang it for me*
My bathroom is so lacking in Cabinets that I needed something to be able to get items off of the vanity so I sent a picture of my cabinet color and they matched it PERFECT
Timmy and Carol Thank you Both so much I am so Tickled I can't wait to get it up!!
Click *****HERE***** to read Carol's Blog or better yet
Click *****HERE***** To see some of their Great Creations for sale
you won't be disappointed in purchasing from them!!

some have asked me to share pictures of my home, hubby and I recently bought
a new mobile home, well Ladies I still have done NO decorating, I stay too busy sewing to think about it right now!! But in a few weeks when things slow down for me I am taking a vacation from sewing and focusing on my house and when I do I will then share pictures with you all, I promise you that!!
Big Hugs Lynn and Carol *Timmy too* You have made my day so much Brighter!


  1. Wow! Lucky girl! That is a very cute black cat!

  2. Wow you are a lucky lady ! Love that sweet black kitty .True friends are such a blessing! Hugs,Jen

  3. WOW Brenda! You got some terrific items. I love Carol's cabinets. They do such an awesome job on them. I have the same problem as you with finding wool here. No one sells it because it doesn't get cold enough in Tenn. anymore. Prim Hugs, Valerie

  4. How sweet! We make such special friendships on our blogs and our friends know just what we like! You are always so sweet to everyone, Brenda! I'm glad to see you blessed! ♥

  5. Thank you Brenda sweety, you are very deserving:) It's a pleasure having you as my friend. Lynn is a sweety too. That is real nice wool fabrics and I know you will make something awesome with it.

  6. Thank you everyone. Thank you Carol and Tim too...I love my cabinet!!! Oh I know Valerie it is so hard to have to drive 45 miles to just go get fabric and 45 home again......I miss Walmarts fabric department so bad!!

  7. What nice things from Lynn!I love the wool and she added the cat how special!

    The shelf, I love Carol's wood! I am so hoping to purchase one of her shelves for my home!

    I too am just amazed at how nice & friendly>>I had no idea & I am loving it and seeing what all have to share
    so thanks for sharing & enjoy!

  8. Ok...I'm not ready for that Christmas music.It puts me in PANIC mode! .....but I think getting a really good tan for Xmas might not be a bad idea!!!! I love that song! I can't wait to see all your snowmen dressed in MY CLOTHES!!!!!! LMBO!!!!!!! Julie says they will look better on the snowmen than me..they are outdated..those are from way back when I used to work!I couldn't part with them namely because they they were such nice skirts...I'm glad you were surprised by Candy Corn Cat and you like him! Happy sewing girlfriend!

  9. Yes Teresa online friends are Wonderful.
    Lynn LOL....tell Julie I will have to send her a snowman too. She needs some cheer in her new home!
    they are lovely it will be hard to cut them up !! I love my kitty he is so darn cute!! Hugs to Colby boy I hope he is better soon.

  10. What wonderful gifts from two wonderful ladies.
    I used to be able to get wool on dollar days, but they stopped doing that.


  11. Brenda,

    That was awesome of Lynn to send you a little extra! LOL! Always nice to get something special.

    Love the cabinet from Carol. I need to redo and redecorate lots of my house and I've been here 6 yrs...can I use the "I haven't gotten around to it" excuse? Pretty please? LOL!



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