Friday, August 20, 2010

Drove to the water to cut Vines today

Went to the Water today about a quarter of a mile from home. The lake was rough
and the water was muddy............YUCK. We go and cut Vines out of trees for me
to use on Pumpkins. Last year I had ladies wanting to buy them from me LOL.

Example of a pumpkin with the Vine
these Vines are twisty *is that a word*? They grow in thick pieces and thin ones

Captured this picture when we drove down the path
We thought Shelby *our puppy* would like to get out and chase them
Chicken she ran from them instead, LOL
The only thing she did not like is they were between her and that water
She wanted to go get in the lake, my little water dog
Any way just wanted to share some pictures with you
I am sewing and sewing, my sale is still going on and for those of you
that have been shopping it.......well that is what the vines are for
I am making some pumpkins and GIRLS you won't want to miss these
I will be posting more product along with the pumpkin in the morning
They are an UNREAL Price!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great Weekend
It is still so Hot in Oklahoma!


  1. Nice way to spend the day though.
    We have lots of them growing on the trees and fences, so i get mine in the back yard.


  2. We have cooled off here, with an inch of well needed rain.. 80 right now.. Love it.. Love the twisty vines too. I used to go in the woods and get grapevines for wreaths, so I know what you mean..
    Great sale...........

  3. oh how brave you are Brenda.Im sure some of that will rub off on Shelby sooner or later.Cant wait to see how cute they are.I did try my best on your word scramble,got stumped on two and even had the kids helping a great weekend blessings michelle

  4. Hi Brenda Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. The water does look rough, but even so it is peaceful.

    I love the twisty vines that you find for your pumpkins. If I went to our lake, all I would find would be cactus. Do you think they would work?

    I am so surprised your sweet baby did not want to chase the ducks. Usually little schnauzers are such little hunters and yes they certainly do love the water. My folks schnauzers also love the snow. Weather doesn't bother them at all.

    So wonderful to hear from you. I will be back in the morning to check out your sale. I can't wait. Open, open, open.

    Love ya girl. Many hugs, Sherry

  5. Twisty vines are the best for pumpkins we find them near our pond. I agree Oklahoma has been HOT! Looking forward to a much needed cool breeze.

  6. Like I I need to find time to shop before I leave for the concert!LOL! Can't wait!!!

  7. I love going out in nature and finding things to be creative with
    Debbie you know what I mean don't you LOL Lynn have fun at the concert Sherry cactus OUCH, hope you are feeling much better!!
    Michelle I am not sure I am brave LOL I think I put on a Big Front!
    Maggey send some of that cooler weather my way. Hope everyone has
    a great weekend

  8. Brenda, your creations are always so interesing and cute....real vines huh!

    Great photos.


  9. Love your vines. I'm going out right now and look for some here! I do think there are some in the woods close by! Stay cool!

  10. What kind of vines are they?
    All I can find in my area is grape vine and those "twistys" are so short.


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