Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who can Make Cool Weather creations In this Heat

Gee the heat index has been in the triple digits for so many days here, I am dreaming RAIN lol......it is so dry and hot outside!! It is pretty miserable when you walk
outside at 6 am and it is unbarable!! I love summer though but I am working non stop these days on Fall and Winter items...

And all I want to do is go jump in this....It is great living at a lake! But I sure would like to go take a dip in the water well maybe not in the daytime, yes it is just that hot out there!

Maybe in the evening. Oh I love the sunsets on the water!!

The scarecrows are growing the crows are flying off the walls, the pumpkins are planted *painted* LOL and the pears are getting ripe *drying*

The cats are purring.......Yeah right I have aleregies so these are the only kind of cats I can have around my home LOL. I have scarey cats, nice cats, and cute primitive cats.

oh LOOK there are snowmen TOO oh my they would melt for sure if they were outdoors right now!!! Their poor little noses would even wilt!

I am one Busy woman these days....and I am proud to say I have listed things to order on my etsy!! How can I keep up with all of this......simple I have several of everything started LOL

And yes I need more room to grow, I am still waiting *just not very patient these days!!! LOL*For a HOUSE so I can have more space to create even more and more items Yes I am working on everyday Prims as well. I have got some of the neatest new things for my next online sale in July I can't wait to share them all with my customers.


  1. I love the snowman on the spool! and I hear ya about the heat, I'm way down south and it's HOT!
    I don't think I ever could have enough craftin' room :0) Love your blog, Blessings
    The Olde Willow

  2. love your creations..I wish I had your motivation...have a wonderful tuesday:>)

  3. Brenda,

    Love them all. Now come on over and give me some motivation!


    PS. It's hot here too....in the 90's! I want spring back!

  4. Thank you ladies on the sweet comments. I get my motivation by working non stop because if I take too long of a break it is hard to get back in gear LOL.....I schedule my days or I would not be able to do this. But I love what I do.

  5. I am lovin all of your creations..Fall is my favorite season so I like those ones the best..
    Keep cool..

  6. Your creations are just fantastic and I'm always excited to see your new items.


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