Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The outdoors is calling my name but then again so is my sewing machine

what is it with this time of year
*It is so hard to stay inside and work*
But my Sewing Machine has been humming for a few weeks now and it just feels lost if I am not setting at it all the time. I am working hard on Fall items to relist on my special sale page I will be offering items to preorder for I have several shop owners that purchase from me.
The above crow is made using a pattern by Prims By Dana......I got it a few years ago and have sold so many of them. I can not find Dana today online? He is a great peice!
I should have things back up on it by the end of the week so be sure and check it out. Also this is the page I do my monthly special sales on and you can read about them on this link.
I added new feedback from customers this morning on my feedback blog.
Nothing thrills me more then to hear from customers when they get their packages Thank you for all the great emails.
Do not forget to signup for my Giveaway there is a picture at all times in the top righthand sidebar I always have a giveaway going on!!! Just click on that picture and go signup. Until next time have an AWESOME day filled with Love, Hope, and Creativity!!
my SEWING MACHINE WINS so back to doing what I love to do!


  1. Your crow is darling, I love it...

  2. Thank you ladies this crow was made using a pattern by an old friend of mine a few years back online....I can not find her now
    online her business name was Primitives By Dana...It is a great little crow!!!

  3. brenda,he is just so cute!great job!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Brenda,

    A friend forwarded me a message that you were looking for me. :) I am still out here, just not using the Primitives by Dana as my biz name any longer. Love your crow... he looks amazing!

    Have a great day!


  5. Well hello Dana You knew me before as hackleberrycreekprimitives. It is so great to know you are still creating some amazing art in the online world.


  6. I know that feeling, it is so nice out and I have been stuck all winter in the house. Love that crow on the quilt.



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