Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Second Giveaway of June and the First Winner in June

Gee we got a lot of rain last night and it is so nice this morning, the birds are all singing and it is finally cooler outside, well for now I am sure it will heat up today. Things were getting a bit on the dry side and the rain was so needed here.
First off I pray that all my local Oklahoma Readers are OK today, The Central part of Oklahoma suffered some horrible flooding yesterday.
My heart goes out to all of the folks that have suffered disasters recently, this year has unfolded some horrific storms, with so many tragedies that are sad, so on this morning while I am sitting here, drinking my coffee, safe and sound in my little home my prayers are for all of those that have been affected this year, I hope you take a few minutes of your time this morning to say prayers for them as well.

I have posted my second giveaway of June!!!
I will give away this set of Watermelon Tucks and a set of three Strawberry Tucks
Both are Kentucky Prims Designs
The picture of the Watermelons was sent to me by one of my customers*Thank you Lynn*
To Sign up Simply Click on the Picture of the Watermelons in the Right sidebar and it will take you to the page!!
Now would you like to know who won The first giveaway of June..........well I have picked a winner out of my trusty bucket and it is!!!!!!
Leslie please send me you address so I can ship your items out to you.
Wishing you all a Wonderful Day


  1. Congratulations to Leslie!
    I need to see where the floods were, I have relatives and lots of friends there. We had our share this year and we never get them.


  2. Congratulations Leslie!
    Brenda, I saw the Oklahoma flooding on the news and am praying for those people to stay strong and keep the faith.

  3. Yes Debbie it was bad in Oklahoma city and Edmond!! Thank you Carol for the prayers. And thank you musicmantra

  4. Congrats Leslie. Praying for all the Oklahomians. Thanks for hosting such lovely giveaways Brenda.

  5. Congratulations Leslie! You won some fantastic things....Kady


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