Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something new I have made

ok so not this but I had promised new pictures they are not the greatest no mom did not get a new camera as she had hoped to do. Shelby Dawn is her name when she is not a good girl and last night is the first night she was a PICKLE!! She did not want to sleep when it was bedtime I think the last time I looked at the clock it was 3 AM yep I am exhausted and now she is laying under my feet ASLEEP !! I just got up to refill my
coffee cup and she looked at me as if to say *DO YOU MIND* I am resting here, hmmmm maybe I ought to go back to bed myself
I am a Sucker for old Vintage Quilts and I use them in my creations so often.
I am making wall pockets out of them they hang and would look great on a front door.
This one is long the flowers are painted and there is Sweet annie tucked inside as well.
I am thinking I will do some smaller. The trim around the pocket is from a Vintage linen table Scarf that has large hand crocheted trim. I have several started in more muted prim colors as well.

This little Gal is on Etsy I used a pattern by Crow's Roost Prims. Thank you to Renee she is so wonderful with her patterns. She allows you to make changes to them.
The pattern I used for her was actually a Rabbit pattern I just loved the shape and the size of it.
I will be adding these to my Sales Blog today they are a Kentucky Prims Design
Another Kentucky Prims Design
I have made so many of these Rabbits and have used different combinations of fabrics in them and trims. He will be on my sales Blog today as well. Thank you for dropping by this morning Have a Wonderful Day where ever you are.


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  2. Your little Shelby is so cute! It's awful hard to be upset with them when they are being stinkers when they are so darn cute.

    Love all your new prims!

  3. Oh, Brenda, it sounds like Shelby is training you instead of the other way around. LOL She has you wrapped around her paw! I love puppies. And she looks especially sweet to me.
    Love the new work and the quilt pocket is gorgeous!

  4. I love your newest creations!

    Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. That is so nice of you to offer your help! I really appreciate that! I won't be ready to do anything until school starts up in August. My youngest will start school which means he won't be attached to my hip which means I'll actually be able to accomplish some things! Right now, I piddle here and there and spend my time with my little guy because we don't have very much time left before he leaves me. I'm leaning towards a selling blog, but like you.. I like etsy's fees being cheap. Ebay is not cheap. Thanks Brenda, you are a real sweetheart!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog...always enjoy reading another fellow Okie's blog and yours is awesome! Your lil' pup is just too cute and just love all your handmade items.
    Glad your Mom is okay. One of my sisters lives in a mobile home park and her family left since one went so close to their park.
    Well off to enjoy more of your blog!

  6. Love the little face of Shelby and what a cutie..Also you do beautiful work..Am lovin the photos of your creations..Have a great week..

  7. Shelby is a cute lil bugger. Sounds like she's got you wrapped around her little toe nail. LOL.


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