Monday, February 8, 2010

What do you wish for on VALENTINE'S DAY

My wish when I was young was for lots of cards and candy at the school party.
As I got older it was for the traditional Flowers

What do you normally get from your Sweetheart for Valentines Day??
Just feel free to post your wish right here and maybe cupid can drop
a hint in that sweeties ear
or stab him with an arrow LOL!!!

**My wish**
Well as strange as it might sound my wish is for anything my hubby
may bring home to me that is just Rusty Old stuff .......WHAT??
Well besides himself LOL no I am not calling him Rusty or OLD!!

A few years ago we were on our motorcyle and stopped at a garage sale.
Well sure I found something and gee did we ever Turn Heads when we walked
out with a HUGE OLD coffee can full of REAL old square head nails
Only to mount upon that bike and ride away LOL!!!
The coffee can was even Rusted.

I am getting low on those nails and I need more so I am asking Cupid to have my Honey find me somemore Rusty Old Nails LOL.
Now if you follow my sharing blog you know that we have a house to empty out
that is full of junk so maybe we can just find some there, I hope!!

I have to admit a flower would not be bad stuck in the middle of those nails.
As far as Candy *no* I think I will bake my sweetie a Cake for Valentines!!

Hope you get what ever you are wanting on this Sweethearts Day


  1. I am with you on wanting something old and rusty. I would much rather get something like that than a brand new item! ~Dan~

  2. I am not into valentines anymore, I can't eat chocolate anymore, lol. My husband used to buy me a 10lb box and I would eat it all, guess that is why I am allergic to it now;)


  3. You know, that is exactly what I told my hubby a couple years ago. I would much rather have something old, antique, primitive than flowers (which I do love) and candy! Flowers are expensive and don't last very long and candy just makes me fatter! Do you think I have gotten even one of those gifts that don't die or add to the hips? Too hard for him, easier to stop at the grocery store on the way home! There is always wishful thinking! I would settle for a can of rusty nails! I'm with Lynn though, I like the 14kt too! That has happened in the past, but it has been a few years!

  4. My DH buys me a heart shaped box of chocolates that I don't eat but he does...the whole box!!! We are going to a Valentines Dance on Sat. though:)


  5. I bucket of rusty square head nails sounds perfect to me! Isn't it funny how our tastes change over the years. Never thought I would hear myself say I wanted something OLD and RUSTY....just take me to a garage sale or thrift store and I am happy.

  6. I just enjoy going out to dinner with hubby! Not in to the flowers...they just shrivel up and die! LOL! Already have my favorite stash of just the company and conversation of dear hubby! Oh...and maybe a good steak! LOL! ~~Annie

  7. Well I am glad I am not the only one who likes old stuff LOL. Gee I forgot about the 14K stuff haven't gotten any in so long!!! That might be nice to?? Nay Rusty will do!


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