Monday, February 1, 2016

Bunnies are everywhere

Good Morning, Yep they are multiplying :)

And flying out the door, they are late but hey they are leaving me now :)

I love this pattern by Kentucky Prims I have made so many variations of 
this guy, And have a couple of new ones in the works for this year

I just used the last of my nails EEEKKK, best be finding some more
problem is I have a ton of rusty nails but none this length?

In Other news !! Wow Beautycounter is running an amazing special
TODAY ONLY!! That is right February the 1st
you can order any Color shade eye duo and get a free Precision Brush

If you spend as much as 200.00 you can also get a Free Neroli Body Oil
This stuff is Wonderful !!

there are some SweetHeart Deals in our Valentine's shop
I brag on a regular basis about this Everyday Clean shampoo and Rinse
I love it! If you should be interested in products or have questions 
I would be glad to help you
I have several photos of products that will target different skin types

Ok Back to Work I go, it is still nice today cooler then it has been
Our Cold front will now be here tomorrow :( 

But Patience Grasshopper Cause Spring is directly around the corner
Have a good one


  1. Only your adorable bunnies can fly my sweet Brenda... Ahhh...there is just something about your bunnies that makes me fall in bunny love. Wish I could help you out with the nails, but I have none.... Stay warm during your cold front....we're bracing for a major winter storm. :o( Smiles & Snowy Hugs ~ Robin

  2. The bunnies are wonderful, love all of them.


  3. Oh such adorable bunnies. I just love the black one holding the carrot.

  4. I think I am the only person in my family who has friends who seek out and save up rusty nails.
    Loving how your bunnies are multiplying!

  5. Love everything you do brenda.. love love

  6. Love everything you do brenda.. love love


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