Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Move OVER Santa Claus

That's right call me scrooge Bah Humbug :)
LOL just kidding, but I am ready to move onto spring time

Who am I kidding winter has not even shown up yet?
In all honesty, I will not be broken hearted if it just forgets to visit us :)

I have one more load of stuff to move out of the house
I will share pictures later
ironically enough I have a decorated tree out in that
little *someday* (aren't you tired of me saying that)
and yes it will stay up year around? I may be a scrooge but 
it helps me to stay in the mood, to be creative

I will say after almost 7 years in this tiny home
it feels good to finally have a Kitchen that is not piled
high with all of my stuff
But I will also say it sure has put a damper on me 
getting a jump on spring time creations ~Sigh~
being so upside down with moving everything around
I will be lost for awhile until I remember where I put everything at!

Look who came to see us this past weekend

Lilly's hair has grown out so much I Love her little curls
Time just goes by too fast, she has grown so much 

Ok I have a schedule, that means I have to get moving this morning
Wishing you all a Wonderful day
I am almost certain when Santa sees this he won't be coming to my house 
for cookies and milk **big grin**

Are you ready for the Big guy to visit?
It won't be long only 10 days to Christmas



  1. Oh Miss Brenda,

    Just calm down, breathe...everything will fall into place, and NO, not on your head. It's Christmas time, and you must step back and enjoy this wonderful time. Just breathe....things will get done. And look how exciting things have been, a new building to create in, more room in your kitchen. Wow, now that is something to be excited about. Merry Christmas.

    Heaps of Hugs

    1. no stress here, no need to calm down LOL. I am enjoying my mini vacay from work. and just tinkering around to get my building done on my own time frame. We are not going anywhere for Christmas this year so I do not fret the Holidays, even when we have plans I do not fret the Holidays, that is a waste of wonderful days :)

  2. I'm as ready as I'll be. Just finished with our little tree yesterday in fact. Snow covered ground and now freezing temps have moved in.......blessed to be in a warm home with my hubby who makes sure it stays that way.
    Happy that you are enjoying your new space of your own, it was a long time coming!
    Love ya my friend. Take time to enjoy this beautiful season!

    1. Yes it has been a dream for seven long years. but I knew when the timing was right I would get it done. just needed a vacation from work for awhile :)
      I want santa to be here and gone cause I want to dig in the dirt come February LOL
      I only bah humbug about winter, as it is not my favorite time of the year. I should not complain though cause it sure is cold in your neck of the woods :) still hanging onto 50's on most days here although the 60's have been great lately.

  3. Look at that darling Lilly and all those curls! SO cute! I love all your creations and it will be nice to have a studio finished to work in. I like the idea of keeping something inspirational up all year. Hae a wonderful week.

    1. Lilly is precious. I will share my long journey of this building when I finally get it done :). enjoy your week Judy
      Merry Christmas to you and your family

  4. Love those curls!! Know you are anxious to get all moved and settled. Come on Spring!


  5. She is so adorable and I bet a joy to have around.
    I am still redoing things and I didn't move, lol. I need to destash too.


  6. Oh my goodness I love Lily's curls and that blond...what a doll. Merry Christmas to you!
    Be blessed,

  7. Sorry I'm looking forward to winter as we are in desperate need of all the water we can get being in a draught for the last two years. I know what you mean about loving having your space back. Why my DH decided now was the perfect time to organize the garage is beyond me. I will be so glad to have my dining room cleared out. You will be so happy once you get your creative space just how you want it to be. Oh those blonde curls are precious.

  8. Good Morning Brenda :0) Your sweet Lily is getting so big so fast! Time flies doesn't it? Love those little blonde girlie curls! I too live in a tiny little house, 625 sq.ft actually. And, being a diehard Prim decorator.. Organization is key for me as well! Sending wishes for a Merry Christmas! ~Marge~

  9. I have really scaled down this year in terms of decorating, entertaining, gifting you name it. Of course my to do list was still more than I could have ever accomplished . But Christmas should not be celebrated just one day a year......it should be in our hearts all year long. Good for you to take a much needed brake and even a long EARLY winters nap! Lilly is such a little doll ! Enjoy the holidays! HUGS!


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