Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello to all, I am not actually hiding, just have not been online much

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas
it had been storming here for a couple of days 
 and this morning as soon as day broke
this is what I walked outside to

It is still blowing a light snow as I am typing but it is not sticking
As far as I am concerned, this is as much Winter as I want to see
it can go away now, and I would be thrilled to go back to 70 degree days :)

I almost have my building completely done! 
and yes I have already shifted things around a dozen times
to attempt to find more room to hold all of my stuff Junk as my 
hubby would refer to it :) he said maybe it is time to get rid of 
a little? Well in the past eight years I have thrown out and
donated so much, I had just hoped to hold onto what I have left
( but since I am already stuffed into my little building ~sigh~ )
I may have to do some purging and donate a little more!

Yes that is where I have been hiding at

Thank you to those that have won my last two elves and to 
Angela who won my snowman makedo in November that
apparently someone else got?? because it is lost in nowhere land LOL
Hey only one box lost this year, I will gladly take that one :)
anyhow thank you for your patience I will be working again 
by the beginning of next week and gets those items mailed out soon
and hopefully I will get my Etsy shop opened back up by then

I am ready to create bunnies 
I am actually just ready to sew again

Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year
I will post after the first of January with a giveaway
to kick the year off

For all of my readers that are in the storm damaged areas
sending all of those folks prayers, such a sad tragedy all 
of the lives that were lost



  1. I had been thinking of you the last few days and if I hadn't seen a post today I was going to PM you! Sometimes we just need to step back from this computer that consumes many of us (sad it's my only social life) and dive into those long awaited projects! I did some of that myself yesterday and also tossing lots of stuff that I'll never use. Trying to start the New Year a bit more organized in several aspects of my life ;)
    It's been bitterly cold and I've not been outside since we returned home on Friday! Hubby is home so we will venture to the store today then back home to a warm cozy home.
    Wishing you and Kevin a very Happy New Year!

  2. my dear I am thinking of you so much..and all the other friends in the damaged area..I hope everyone is alright.
    Sending lots of love for you
    Big hugs x

  3. I am glad that Christmas is behind me, not that it wasn't a "good one" with many things to be grateful for but it also stirs some sad memories of what it "could be" and that is always hard. I could use a "long winters nap" right now........not really to sleep but just to retreat to my STUDIO where I can find peace in my creating and brushes. Wishing you and Kevin a Happy New Year ahead!

  4. I worked hard this year, too, Brenda, so I'm also hiding! Enjoy the cooler temps for me and I'll enjoy the warmer temps for you! Happy New Year!

  5. Good to hear from you and I think we all need a break this year, nice to have some me time, once in awhile.


  6. We are on the cusp of our first snow storm tonight and I don't have to go to work tomorrow yeah!
    so glad to see you post and hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  7. Hello Sweet Lady...remember me?? Long time, no blog I know...hope you forgive me. I have no hope of catching up with all I have missed...but it doesn't me you weren't in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things have been well for you...sounds like there's been a bit of "movement" going on there, eh? Here as well, as we wind up a remodel from know where. ;o) Love your bunny and eggs...oh how I've missed you! Hope your yuletide was joyous...and your new year is filled with miracles... Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Oh I can't wait to see everything finished! I also can't wait to find fun new things at your shop. I think out of all the shops I visit yours is the one I mostly buy from! I don't buy a lot because I can't afford it but I just love your things!
    Have a happy new year!
    Be blessed,

  9. I am ready to light that fire under you to get you back to sewing. :) A nice gentle fire that will keep you warm. I would gladly trade your weather for ours.......Mother Nature is playing a trick on all of us. Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year for you and Kevin.

    Hugs !

  10. Snow, what a pretty photo you made of that. Yes, we have had storms as well. But, no snow. I am ready to start making Spring bunnies also, lol. 'Kinda "sewn-out" after all of the Christmas gifts I made for the family. We all need a time to rest, right?

  11. IT'S BUNNY TIME! Sorry 'bout your snow Brenda, we got it too. Blech. Good luck in your stuff/junk organizing efforts, it's not easy I know! ~*~Lisa

  12. Thank you Brenda for sharing with us this year! So looking forward to what you have in store for all of us in the new year! I LOVE my adorable Snow fella and ornament I received from you via the Christmas blog giveaway! I'm sending you a picture of where my new little snow fella found his place in our little prim home! Happy New Year ! :0D ~ Marge ~

  13. We are missing you around Etsy lady!!!


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